10 Best Movies & TV Shows Starring The Main Cast Of Don’t Look Up

Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is the newest doomsday movie but with a twist. It is a satire that showcases the indifferences of the public and government reaction as a comet is on course to cause a cataclysmic event. Of course, one of the most impressive things about the movie is the exceptional cast.

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Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is packed with stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep, to name just a few. These actors have either been nominated or won acting awards, which speaks of the immense talent featured in the film. So, many viewers will easily recognize some of the actors from their best movies and TV shows. Ariana Grande – Victorious (2010-2013)

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Ariana Grande portrays a fictional singer Riley Bina, who has a large following on social media. Throughout the film, she has a complicated relationship with her on and off boyfriend, DJ Chello. Their relationship is the major headline in the news world.

Most people know Grande as a sensational singer with an incredible vocal range. But, Grande started her career in acting, gaining prominence in the Nickelodeon show, Victorious . She portrayed Cat Valentine and donned her famous hot red hair. While on the show, Grande revealed her incredible singing skills, which has since put her on the map. Grande’s other best projects include Scream Queens . Ron Perlman – Sons Of Anarchy (2008-2014)

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Ron Perlman portrays Benedict Drask, a colonel chosen to conduct the first mission to destroy the comet. Throughout the film, there is a running gag that he comes from an older generation due to the colonel’s antiquated and conservative ideologies.

Perlman has appeared in other movies like Nightmare Alley , Hellboy , and Pacific Rim . One of his most notable roles is Clay Morrow (a Hamlet counterpart of Claudius ) in Sons of Anarchy . His character appeared in six seasons. Timothée Chalamet – Call Me By Your Name (2017)

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Timothée Chalamet portrays Yule, a fan of Kate. He develops a relationship with Kate as the comet moves closer to Earth. Despite his looks, Yule reveals himself as a pious person.

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Chalamet has already become one of the most talented young actors in Hollywood. He featured in critically-acclaimed films like Dune , The French Dispatch , and Little Women . Of course, his breakthrough role was Elio Perlman in Call Me by Your Name . Chalamet received praises for his emotional performance, earning him his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Tyler Perry – Gone Girl (2014) Stream On Hulu Tyler Perry portrays Jack Bremmer, a co-host on "The Daily Rip." Bremmer plays a significant role in controlling the narrative of the falling comet to avoid public hysteria.Many people know Perry for his numerous reprisals as Madea in the Madea cinematic universe. […]

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