10 Fire Safety Tips To Help Keep You And Your Child Alive And Safe

Too many people are killed in the fire.

How many people died in a fire in the United States It has been down since the 1980s , The number is still large.For example, in 2020 3,500 people died in the fire In the United States, the majority of these deaths (more precisely, 2,580, or 3 in 4) occurred at home. An additional 11,500 people were injured in the fire at home.

I know all of this very well.Before I become Director of Firefighting Expansion, West Virginia University , I spent 23 years as a Fire and Explosion Investigator at the West Virginia Fire Marshal Office. From that standpoint, we investigated about 1,000 cases in which people were killed or injured in a home fire. As any fire investigator says, I know that you can avoid many fire casualties by following a few simple steps. 1. Get a smoke detector

Smoke detector Reduce the chance of dying in a fire 50%.

You can buy it at department stores, hardware stores, or online for just $ 10. More expensive models, which can cost close to $ 100, have additional features such as blinking lights and audio files, allowing parents to add a voice message to their child, “Get up and the fire alarm goes off.” .. Some can detect carbon monoxide.

If you or your family can’t afford a smoke detector, you may be able to get one for free from your local fire department or the local American Red Cross. Most departments will also tell you how to install. 2. Install smoke detectors at every level of the house

You need at least one smoke detector at every level of the house. Ideally, there should be one in every bedroom, one just outside every bedroom, one in the laundry and kamado area, and one in the attic.

Replace the battery twice a year. Even if you don’t hear the detector “chirp”, do this to let you know that the battery is low. Replace the smoke detector every 10 years.

Firefighters have been Emphasizes the importance of smoke detectors since 1973 .. Still, 41% of the US Death from a house fire 16% occurred in properties without smoke detectors and 16% in properties where smoke detectors did not work.

In some cases, I investigated a deadly fire and found a kitchen counter detector without batteries. 3. Close the bedroom door

According to a survey, you Likely to withstand a fire If the bedroom door is closed.

Therefore, firefighters say that detectors need to be installed not only inside the bedroom, but also outside the bedroom. If a fire breaks out of the bedroom, we want to wake it up with a smoke detector instead of the actual smoke. If you keep the door closed, Extra time in a non-smoking environment To escape a house fire. 4. Make an exit plan

All members of the house need to decide on an exit plan for each bedroom. If you can get up and exit from the front door or back door […]

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