2021 smartphone: lose LG, Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 13, Pixel 6, etc.

2021 was an even stranger year for most of us, but it was also an exciting year in the smartphone world as there were many changes in the Android space and Apple’s iPhone line improved.

The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the launch of many technologies, yet some top-notch smartphones have been released throughout the year. We’re here to do it when all the big launches happen and remind us how the year ended on our smartphones. Let’s start from the beginning of 2021. January-March-Troublesome Meeting Season

Samsung Galaxy S21 (Image credit: Future) CES 2021 was the first virtual CES in history, thanks to a continuing pandemic that discourages people from gathering.The biggest phone story is LG Rollable , Was exhibited for the first time in a short teaser trailer. Everyone expected it to be available at some point in 2021, but well, that didn’t happen. In late January LG revealed that it may stop manufacturing smartphones , It did. We’ll talk more about that bomb later. More reliable news came from Samsung.The company has the same timing as CES 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21 , Galaxy S21 Plus When Galaxy S21 Ultra .. All three models arrived at the end of January with great success. other Actually CES 2021 phone Motorola unveiled its G-series handsets, with TCL highlighting the new TCL20 lineup. During CES Sony unveiled support for 360 Reality Audio , To adopt Dolby Atmos and other spatial audio technologies. CES 2021 has released some exciting news, MWC 2021 It was postponed to late June due to concerns about Covid-19. Apart from CES, Honor V40 Was released, Xiaomi Mi 11 Released as a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy S21. March was also a busy month. The announcement on March 11th Oppo Find X3 , The new generation of flagship Oppo smartphones that lead the way in the phone. That same month Samsung has introduced new midrange models, Samsung A52 and A72 .. The OnePlus 9 Launched in March, it proved to be a great value option without major problems. Mobile phones for games ASUS ROG 5 ,but also, Nubia Red Magic 6 And that Xiaomi Black Shark 4 .. April-June-Farewell LG

LG Rollable smartphone (Image credit: LG) April was the moon LG officially bid us adieu and quit the smartphone world .. So there’s no possibility of the LG Rollable or the rumored LG V70 ThinQ. During this period, we were also able to get the first glimpse of what we can expect from the release. iOS 15 Later this year, especially the redesigned Control Center, attracted everyone’s attention. Apple’s first launch event in 2021 was April. Spring road Focused on the Mac and iPad, but also introduced the new iPhone 12 color, purple. The Oppo Find X3 series, Includes Oppo Find X3 Pro , Find X3 Neo , When Find X3 Lite , Finally released in the UK .. Oppo continued a busy season Introducing some cheap 5G headsets-A54, A74, A94 .. Samsung Galaxy M12 , An inexpensive […]

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