Ryan Reynolds and more pay tribute to Betty White

Ryan Reynolds, here with Betty White during an interview in 2010, is among the friends and colleagues remembering the late actress. Ryan Reynolds posted a loving tribute to longtime friend and "The Proposal" costar, who died Friday at the age of 99.

"The world looks different now," Reynolds wrote. "She was great at defying expectation. She managed to grow very old and somehow, not old enough. We’ll miss you, Betty. Now you know the secret." White’s "Hot in Cleveland" costar Valerie Bertinelli wrote, "Rest in peace, sweet Betty. My God, how bright heaven must be right now." "She treated me like we were in the same club or something," Griffin tweeted in a long thread about White, "She actually treated me like an equal in the comedy gurrrl world. She was as sharp and funny as she was soft and wise …and no matter how long this world continues to spin, there will be only one Betty White." #DidYouKnow

In 1954, #BettyWhite was criticized after having Arthur Duncan, a Black tap dancer, on her show.

Her response: "I’m sorry. Live with it."

She then gave Duncan even more airtime. The show was canceled soon after.

Rest well, Betty. #ThankYouForBeingAFriend — The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center (@TheKingCenter) December 31, 2021 Andy Cohen, who is set to host a New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper on CNN Friday, tweeted, "Tonight we will raise MANY glasses to the WONDERFUL legacy of Betty White!!!" Actress Debra Messing wrote, "Betty White. Oh noooooooo. I grew up watching and being delighted by her. She was playful and daring and smart. We all knew this day would come but it doesn’t take away the feeling of loss. A national treasure, indeed. Fly with the Angels."

Actor George Takei wrote, "Our national treasure, Betty White, has passed just before her 100th birthday. Our Sue Ann Nivens, our beloved Rose Nylund, has joined the heavens to delight the stars with her inimitable style, humor, and charm. A great loss to us all. We shall miss her dearly." "We are heartbroken over the death of Betty White, a longtime friend of GLAAD and supporter of LGBTQ equality and acceptance. Our hearts go out to her loved ones and fans." The Television Academy remembered the five-time Emmy winner on the organization’s official Twitter account. Actor Henry Winkler wrote, "Betty White : I[t] is very hard to absorb you are not here anymore." Author Roxane Gay wrote, "RIP to Betty White who was charming, delightful, hilarious, talented and unproblematic for 99.9 years."

This woman… beyond the talent… the smile… the spirit. I swear i thought she’d live forever," Wayans wrote. "And, she will. Through her work, her smile, her love of life. May we all live " A Betty White Life."


“Maybe I’ll die without Louane”: Amazon driver rescues baby and parents from a Colorado fire

Superior Colorado ( KDVR ) – If Mary Stanley’s husband hadn’t bought a bike pump on Amazon, he might have encountered another fate on Thursday. Marshall Fire Torn their community.

The family car’s battery was dead, so Stanley’s husband ordered a bicycle pump so that he could move by bicycle.

Like many parents with four-month-old babies, naps can become a staple of survival. The family woke up around 11:12 am on Thursday. It was then that Stanley smelled of smoke. They went out and saw the flames and realized that they had to leave immediately.

After collecting some things, they tried to find a neighbor who might be able to help, but everyone left.

They didn’t know how to get out of the path of fire, but then a delivery driver named Louane arrived to deliver the bicycle pump.

“Without Louane, we might have been dead,” Stanley said. “She was the grace of our salvation. The little angel at the moment we needed her.”

Louane asked the couple if they needed help as the Stanley family was outside the gate in a crazy wind and a nearby shopping center was already on fire.

“I don’t really think we did it because it was happening so fast, it was like that, and the gusts were so strong. My husband stayed upright and everything we did. I had a hard time getting it in the van, “Stanley said.

Stanley had to stand in a delivery van with her baby to get out of the wind.

“She (Louane) was actually pretty calm and offered to help, put us in a van, supported us sideways, and dropped us off at the nearest community center,” Stanley said.

The aerial video shows that Stanley’s house is gone. They now have a picture of where the house stood.

“It’s no longer there, it’s just a big pile of ashes,” Stanley said.

The family waited at the community center until a friend picked them up, took them to Mary’s mother-in-law’s house, and stayed last night.“We don’t know what the next plan is, you know, we just lost our home,” Stanley said. “We are more concerned about our neighbors than our homes, because we know they are people, not home builders. And we’re glad we got out safely.”


Best Buy knocked on the Google Pixel 6 for $ 50 off-but hurry!

Andy Boxol / Digital Trends Nowadays, you don’t have to spend more than $ 1000 to get a flagship phone with a great camera.Many midrange Smartphone deals Everything you need for your daily driver device is included. Currently, one of the best deals on smartphones is the Google Pixel 6. Save even more with this Best Buy sale. You can get an unlocked Google Pixel 6 with 256GB of storage for just $ 649. This is $ 50 off the standard price of $ 699. Continue reading to find out why this is one of the best Android phone deals you can buy.

In us Google Pixel 6 Review “You can do everything the Pixel 6 Pro does at a lower cost,” he praised.To summarize the list The best smartphone for 2021 , Google Pixel 6 called the most valuable smartphone. The device is equipped with Google Tensor, the first processor designed in-house by Google, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This is enough power to run the operating system smoothly, install a large number of apps, and watch content on a gorgeous and vibrant 6.4-inch display. The display also has a fingerprint sensor, which makes it easy to set up and open your smartphone. Because it’s a Pixel device, you’ll also get years of regular software updates and the latest version of Android.

Some phones have high capacity batteries that provide battery life all day long. Google rates it for more than 24 hours of use, and in fact it could be used for a full two days on a single charge. It’s also equipped with 30 watts of fast wired charging and Qi wireless charging, so you can easily add juice if you’re short on it. The Pixel 6 also comes with a great camera setup with a 50 megapixel primary sensor and a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens. The photos are strikingly sharp and detailed, and perform well in all types of lighting conditions. What’s more, you get Google’s excellent software processing through the camera app.

If you’re looking for great value on your smartphone, we recommend Google Pixel 6. This is a mid-priced flagship caliber phone and this amazing deal on Best Buy will be a must-buy. A 256GB version of this device is available for only $ 649. This is a whopping $ 50 off the regular price of $ 699.If you need a phone that can do everything well, that as soon as possible[今すぐ購入]Push the button.

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Low-income US residents can get up to $ 75 off internet services.How to sign up

The US government is trying to reduce the cost of the Internet when it is most important. Getty Images
The US government began applying for a new program on Friday, offering qualified residents a discount of up to $ 75 from monthly internet charges.Called Affordable connection program This initiative is overseen by the Federal Communications Commission and funded by the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law. Passed in November ..

This program was launched as an emergency broadband benefit during a pandemic. This benefit provided qualified individuals with up to $ 50 per month to help pay for Internet services. Hundreds of broadband providers I promised to participate in the FCC program. AT & T , CenturyLink , Charter spectrum , Comcast Xfinity , T-mobile When Verizon .. AT & T, Cricket Wireless and Walmart also offered discounts.

Save money with the best tips and products for making wise financial decisions. Delivered weekly.

People can apply by mail or online from the FCC website. It shows eligibility requirements such as household income based on family size, participation in other government support programs, and living in tribal lands. Qualified people can get up to $ 30 per month on the internet. This jumps to $ 75 per month if you’re on a qualified tribal land. The program also offers a one-time discount of up to $ 100 on laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

Email for additional questions regarding affordable connectivity programs Or call 877-384-2575. Low-income US residents can get up to $ 75 off internet services.How to sign up


Luxshare Precision could become Apple’s top supplier to Foxconn

Apple is a giant with many foundry partners. However, Foxconn has the most orders so far. Nevertheless, this situation may change quietly soon. According to a recent report, Apple seems to put more value on Shenzhen-based Luxshare Precision. The report claims that Apple will transfer more orders to Luxshare. Normally, these orders are sent to Foxconn. Luxshare is currently the leading foundry for AirPods. Apple CEO Tim Cook is very pleased with AirPods’ supply chain and market performance.

Wang Laichun, the founder of Luxshare, was a “working girl” at the Foxconn factory. She worked at Foxconn for about 10 years. At that time, there was no sign that the market value of Luxshare Precision would exceed Foxconn. There are even reports that Foxconn has a department dedicated to the study of Luxshare Precision. If this is true, the Foxconn camp is in jeopardy.

The report also points out that Cook will invest a lot of resources, such as readjusting the industrial chain and introducing more local partners, to open up the Chinese market during his tenure. After all, the Greater China market accounts for 20% of Apple’s revenue.

However, Apple may just be trying to diversify its supply chain. Recall that Apple doesn’t like being overly dependent on a single supplier. If a company finds it too dependent on the brand, it begins looking for alternatives. Apple did this with Qualcomm when they didn’t want to expect much from Qualcomm’s chips. The situation is the same for Samsung. Since then, Apple has added LG to the display supply chain and is consistently trying to add the BOE. In fact, the Bank of England has already manufactured displays for Apple’s smartwatches and alternative models of the iPhone. Luxshare Precision could become Apple’s top supplier to Foxconn


Michigan vs Georgia Live Stream: How to Watch Orange Bowl Online from Anywhere

Big Ten Champion Michigan will face SEC runner-up Georgia in this year’s NCAA Orange Bowl Semifinals. This is the clash of two of the most sneaky defenses in college football. Wolverine heads to the game with five straight wins, but the Bulldog needs to recover from the first defeat of the season. Get a live stream of Michigan vs Georgia in a shot at the endangered National Championship and read while explaining how to watch the Orange Bowl online from anywhere.

Neither program has won major awards during the college football playoffs. The latest national title in Michigan was announced in 1997. Georgia’s last top dog was in 1980, and although it entered Whiskers in 2017, Alabama once again proved kryptonite. On a big stage. Aidan Hutchinson, the defensive end of Wolverines, missed the Heisman Trophy earlier this month. This is only a plus for the hope of a second seed playoff. The No. 3 seed bulldog boasts the strictest defense in the country, but will slow down Michigan’s powerful running back duo Hassan Haskins and Blake Corum. Watch out for Georgia’s tight-end block bowers and wide receiver George Pickens. They have the potential to recover from serious injuries in a sensational style. Also, follow our guide on how to watch Orange Bowl online and watch Michigan vs Georgia live streams anywhere in the world. Michigan vs Georgia Live Stream on Sling TV

How to see Michigan vs Georgia from outside your country

If you make a mistake on your vacation, or if you are absent from work and want to monitor your country’s coverage from abroad, VPN .. This allows you to dial in to a location in your home country, avoid geographic blocks, and regain access to content and services that you have already paid for in your home country. VPNs are generally best suited for this, as you can change the IP address using a VPN, which makes it look like you’re in a completely different location when a large game is on. Use a VPN for Michigan vs Georgia live streams from anywhere Michigan vs Georgia Live Stream: How to Watch the Orange Bowl in the United States

Michigan vs Georgia Live Stream: How to Watch Orange Bowl Online in the UK

How to watch Michigan vs Georgia: Live Stream of Orange Bowl in Canada Michigan vs Georgia Live Stream: How to Watch Orange Bowl Online from Anywhere


More than 500 people tested for COVID a week at Jackson Church

Jackson, Miss. (( WJTV ) – Jackson’s New Jerusalem Church has experienced an influx of people seeking the COVID-19 test in the midst of a surge in new cases.

Test sites are backed up throughout the metropolitan area as holiday trips, the spread of Omicron variants, and home testing pop out of the shelves.

Rev. Dwayne Pickett of the New Jerusalem Church said that the number of people appearing at the church’s test site has almost tripled. The test site opened in partnership with LABL INQ over a year ago.

Pickett said he had never seen a longer line than in the last few days on both Old Canton and Raymond Road campuses. This site has tested over 500 people this week. The drive-through site is open to the public and no reservation is required.

“I think people really understand that we have to stay vigilant. We have to do something. We have to protect ourselves. Most The important thing is to keep the virus from spreading because you need to know if you are infected with it, “said Pickett.

The Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) plans to open more COVID-19 testing sites throughout the state to limit lines and long wait times.


Beats Studio Buds costs only $ 120 on Amazon Today

Simon Cohen / Digital Trends Most people automatically think of the AirPods Pro when looking for wireless, Headphone deals They are not the only excellent pair of in-ear headphones around. Some of our favorites are Beats headphones with excellent compatibility with Apple products, great sound quality, and impressive battery life. If you are considering buying a pair of earphones, you should confirm this transaction on Amazon. Beats Studio Buds are now available for just $ 120. This is significantly cheaper than the regular price of $ 150 to $ 30. It’s an absolute price theft. Continue reading to find out why these are the perfect earphones for you.

In us Beats Studio Buds Review We call it “AirPods Pro Lite” because it offers many of the same features at a significantly lower price. In fact, he praised Beats for “finding the perfect balance between functionality and price.” These ultra-compact earphones have everything you would expect from a modern wireless earphone. It has great sound quality with a heavy bass sound profile while maintaining amazingly detailed mids and highs. This provides a balanced listening experience, especially for low-pitched music such as hip-hop and EDM. It also provides excellent high speed connectivity with both iOS and Android devices. These buds will work on Apple’s FindMy platform if they are lost or stolen.

These buds also have excellent battery life. It can be used for up to 8 hours on a single charge and can be used with the case for up to 24 hours. It’s also very comfortable to wear, so you won’t have any problems listening to music or making phone calls all day long. Beats Studio Buds is also IPX4 waterproof, making it ideal for sweaty training and light rain. If you’re in a noisy environment often, you’ll also love active noise canceling. This is a rare sight for this affordable earphone. There is also a transparent mode where you can hear important external sounds.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the AirPods Pro, Beats Studio Buds is easy, especially at this price. You can now pick up a pair on Amazon for only $ 120. This is $ 150 to $ 30 off the regular price. I don’t know when this transaction will end. for that reason,[今すぐ購入]Press the button and get it as soon as you can.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and choose those that cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of products and transactions in this post are subject to change at any time. Make sure they are still valid before you buy.

Digital Trends may earn commissions on products purchased through the link. This supports the work you do for your readers. Editor’s recommendations Beats Studio Buds costs only $ 120 on Amazon Today


How to strengthen your abdominal muscles without using them

Getty Images
Abdominal muscles, smash.Despite its reputation as a feature of Fitness , A tight stomach doesn’t make much sense (yours body fat percentage Low enough Show your abdominal muscles ).

People should focus more on improvement Core strength Than achieving 6 packs.This article does not teach you how to get the abdominal muscles (for that, the head here )-But it teaches you how to get a stronger core, thereby extending your overall fitness, fitness, and longevity.

Side effects may include visible abdominal muscles and uplifting sensations. Crunch Never again.

Related: Three of the most difficult training movements and how to master them 1. Do more compound exercises

Squats challenge the core rather than the crunch. Getty Images
Complex exercises Single most effective class of training exercise Anyone can do it. These movements, also known as articulated movements, need to work on multiple muscle groups at once to fully stabilize the core.

Here are some examples of basic compound exercises: Squat


Pull up

push ups


Shoulder press

If you are more advanced, these complex moves can challenge your core even further:many Cardio When HIIT Movement also involves multiple joints and muscle groups.To maximize core strength, it is recommended to focus on the first group, the basic complex exercise, and use challenging weights.Can be used band , dumbbell , Kettlebell Or a barbell with a plate to add resistance.Another tip: Don’t rush to perform weighted compound exercises. Adding a tempo or a specific speed of “prescription” to the rep (for example, squatting down for 3 seconds) will allow the core to engage longer and help you focus on the technique. 2. Practice isometric core work The board will quickly improve the strength of your core. Getty Images During isometric exercise, the muscles contract but do not move. “Isometric” comes from “isos” (equal) and “methria” (measurement), meaning that the opposing muscles exert the same amount of force on each other and do not stretch or contract.Isometric exercises, also known as static strength training, significantly improve the strength of the core by training the exact functions that the core needs to excel. Isometric core work teaches you to tighten and engage the core muscles to create a strong support base for your limbs.Add these isometric holds to your core strength routine. 3. Exercise one leg and one arm Challenge one side of your body at a time to improve the strength of your core. Getty Images The next time you work out, try the following: Check the weight of the dumbbells that you can lift overhead with your right arm and then your left arm. If you are like most people, one side will present more struggle. Such muscle imbalances are common but can be corrected with one-sided (one-sided) exercise. In this exercise, you need to increase your range of motion and move your core muscles when you are out of balance due to heavy objects such as weight or dumbbells.Try these one-legged exercises to improve the strength of your […]


Merry Christmas!Santander Claus made a $ 176 million payment error

Tens of thousands wake up on Christmas day, double wages and bank balances expected after Santander deposits £ 130m ($ 176m) in an account held by a UK customer Exceeded. Santander is now hoping for a refund.

The deposit accident was the result of a mysterious “schedule problem”. Times , First reported the story.Banks The Verge Some payments were accidentally doubled. (Santandale characterizes it as a “technical problem.”) These deals include deals from 2,000 companies, as well as individuals and businesses like Ebeneezer Scrooge, a company that was afraid of generosity. Included accidental deposits across 75,000 accounts.

Banks are currently working to revoke that generosity, Santander confirmed. Unfortunately for Santander, many of the deposits were paid to the accounts of other financial institutions such as HSBC and Barclays. Santander uses a process called “banking error recovery” to collect funds, but it is unknown how many individuals are already spending money, and this process can be a nightmare for banks. ..

By the way, it is not uncommon for a large amount of money to flow into the wrong account. April, New York Times A Louisiana woman reportedly charged with fraud after failing to return the $ 1.2 million that was mistakenly deposited in her account by Charles Schwab. Kelyn Spadoni used the money to buy homes and SUVs in particular. After that, she was fired from her job as a 911 Dispatcher.

Meanwhile, Chase Bank accidentally deposited $ 50 billion into a man’s account in Louisiana earlier this year.and Statement to CNN In July, Chase Bank blamed the issue for a “technical glitch” and added that the account was eventually returned to the correct balance.

In most cases, as with the Goof mentioned above, accidentally deposited funds should be returned. One notable exception is Citibank’s $ 900 million mistake.After almost wiring by mistake a billion Dollars for hedging funds, some of those hedge funds have decided to stick to money-and courts have existing loan terms and complex systems that Citi was implementing to send funds. I have decided that there is no problem at all.

Unfortunately, the “finder keeper” may not be the case for the Santander crowd. Merry Christmas!Santander Claus made a $ 176 million payment error