2022 Drinks trends in Hong Kong

Photograph: Shutterstock How Hong Kong’s drinking scene will look like in 2022

The past year may have changed the city’s nightlife and the way we consume our drinks, but one thing is certain; our vibrant bar scene is continuously evolving. Read on to learn what to watch out for in Hong Kong’s drinking scene in 2022.

RECOMMENDED: Want to visit the best bars in Hong Kong for 2022? Pick up our printed Bar Guide from select venues in Hong Kong, or visit this page for more inspiration. Photograph: Courtesy Kyle & Bain Hong Kong has no shortage of themed bars. We have everything from hidden drinking dens inspired by relics of bygone eras to alcohol-specific bars focused on wine, whisky, gin, rum, and sake. "Hong Kong needs more sprits-specific bars like Coa, The Daily Tot, and Dr Fern’s," says spirits educator Eddie Nara. With the pandemic halting overseas travel, the public’s quest for new experiences has heightened. Niche bars that give an extra bit of novelty stand out among the varied offerings in Hong Kong’s bar industry, and over the past year, we have seen more bars that resonate with unique interests like Hong Kong’s first awamori bar Awa Awa, Sahara-themed bar Zzura, martini-focused bar Kyle & Bain, innovative bar Argo, and a dessert and cocktail pairing bar, Barcode. Come 2022, we’re expecting more niche ideas to pop up in the city.

"I see the martini reigning supreme right now," shares Elliot Faber, co-founder of Sake Central. "Martini is somehow back with a vengeance, along with the rest of 90’s pop culture! Also, along the same line of delicious clear alcoholic beverages," he adds. "I swear sake continues to pick up steam with more and more people understanding the nuance and variance between sake styles. "

Aside from spirit-specific bars, Coa’s (number one Asia 50 Best Bar 2021) co-owner Jay Khan says the industry can expect to see more bartenders owned bars.

"Private member’s cocktail bar/club will eventually appear as I believe Hong Kong markets would like to have their own private or discreet area," shares Agung Prabowo, co-founder of eco-friendly bar Penicillin. "Old school live jazz and other live music entertainment cocktail bars will perhaps appear in the last quarter of 2022," he adds.

Photograph: Courtesy Magnolia Lab

Hong Kong has already amassed quite a number of craft beer breweries in the city, and in recent years, gin micro-distilleries and local artisanal brands have also risen, introducing Perfume Trees Gin, Gweilo Gin, N.I.P, and Two Moons in the market. In the coming year, we’re predicting that Hong Kong will touch on more liqueurs and other craft alcoholic drinks, following the release of Magnolia Lab’s botanical liqueurs and indie umeshu brand Ex Plum Wine.

"I think in 2022, similar approaches from the past year will remain in regards to the ingredients used behind the bar, but we’re more likely going to see many new white spirits like gin, tequila, rum, and modifiers float around in the market," says Agung Prabowo.

Photograph: Courtesy Ami

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