2022 technology trend supercharges electric vehicles

Image credit: This statement may seem bold, as you may not have driven it yet, not to mention being at the top of the Christmas list, but the trend of electric vehicles (EVs) is moving at a serious pace. Yes, says Alok Duby, Monta’s UK Country Manager, EV Charging App.

Many industry observers believe that the UK has already passed a turning point where electric vehicle sales are rapidly overwhelming gasoline and diesel vehicles.Especially in August Used EV diesel cars sold for the first time.

Major manufacturers are also excited about the game. Jaguar plans to sell only electric vehicles from 2025 , Volvo from 2030 , And even a British sports car company Suits following Lotus, selling only electric models from 2028 ..

Therefore, as we compete for 2022, there are five areas in the EV market that are incorporating technology trends that will help supercharge the industry.

> Smart charging

The idea behind smart charging is simple. Unlike traditional (or “unintelligent”) chargers, smart chargers can communicate with each other, the car, and the grid to provide better cost and energy consumption.

For example, by informing the driver that the surrounding energy demand is low and therefore charging is cheap, the driver can better schedule charging at less cost. The driver can connect the car in place as soon as he gets home, but charging will not start until the right time.

Smart charging also promotes better use of energy. Electric vehicles are designed to charge over time, and drivers do not always need a full battery, so they do not necessarily have to be charged instantly or quickly. Depending on the amount of energy your car needs, charging can be scheduled to go up to 80% only once a week. This also helps extend battery life.

Smart charging can go one step further. For example, if the driver wants to charge the battery with renewable energy, reduced CO2 emissions, or low energy charges. All they have to do is drive up, plug in, and let the technology do the job.

What is the overall result of smart charging? A cheaper, more energy efficient and sustainable way to refill your car.

start=”2″> load distribution

An additional important feature in the future is load balancing. This can also be supported by smart charging, especially as the demand for energy on the National Grid increases with the sale of electric vehicles.

Load balancing distributes the available capacity proportionally to all active charging stations. This ensures that optimal charging is provided for all electric vehicles in a particular location, within the capacity limits of the charging station.Therefore, instead of paying an extraordinary energy price for one charger, the owner of the charging point can balance the load between the units and the maximum current. For example, if you have 4 charging points installed and a maximum current of 32, load balancing allows you to share energy among all 4 charging points. All you need is two of them.It’s dynamic, cost-effective, and much […]

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