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French payroll startup PayFit is Currently worth $ 2.1 billion After raising $ 289 million in Series E rounds. However, France is not the only unicorn these days. Encore store , Qonto , Exotec When Spending I joined the club again this month.

When adding Back market The $ 510 million Series E round, which rates the company at $ 5.7 billion, is on track for 2022 French technology.

As you can imagine, the pace of new unicorn creation and funding has generated a lot of coverage in France, but there is an article that caught my attention in particular: A Portrait PayFit Firmin Zocchetto , OVHcloud Octave Clava , Shift technology Jeremy Joeish , And Contentsquare Jonathan Cherki ..

As the French financial newspaper Les Echos pointed out, these four French Tech founders have something else in common. They founded the unicorn in the first attempt.

If it’s possible for a first-time founder to set up a $ 1 billion company, why not talk about it more often?

Indeed, entrepreneurs, like Zocchetto, may be reported to be under the age of 30. But even in their twenties, they are not necessarily the first founders – Glovo’s Oscar Pierre For example, it isn’t.

This post is not about the young founder. Keep in mind that first-time founders, regardless of age, can create a huge company.

Curiously, this seems to be underestimated in the startup ecosystem. This fact reminded me of an interesting explosion from Expensify CEO David Barrett when I first interviewed him. Deep dive To his company Since it was released .. I think the big picture of serial entrepreneur is a strange concept. Only “serial killer” has “something serial”. Imagine a “parent of cereal”. I found someone, fell in love, and have a lot of kids. And I leave, and I try it again. And I say I started 7 families. You will be like “Man, you are a monster”. But if you do it as CEO, we celebrate it! “Oh, that’s great, what a great job.” There are so many weird incentives in Silicon Valley that every hero story in Silicon Valley is enveloped in this truly pathological serial entrepreneurial concept. Expensify isn’t Barrett’s first startup, but [he] It is his pet that praises the concept of a “serial founder” who said, “I wanted to work forever.” He has a point. There are no problems with long-term efforts. There is also an inherent problem with making serial entrepreneur attractive for it.

This does not mean that the experience is worthless, but that it comes in many forms. Establishing another company teaches lessons, whether successful or unsuccessful. However, it’s probably just as valuable for the founders to have relevant industry experience, especially if it’s directly related to the issue they’re working on.

Unfortunately, when it comes to VC checklists, years of industry experience with non-sexy companies don’t check the checkboxes as they did in previous startups where they played executive-level roles. This is especially true where markets exist, such as Latin America. Divided into two layers […]


Ingredients that are not possible within graphene sandwiches are now possible

A single layer of cuprous iodide encapsulated between two graphenes (gray atoms). Credits: Kimmo Mustonen, Christoph Hofer, Viera Skákalov
Atoms combine by sharing electrons. How this happens depends not only on the type of atom, but also on conditions such as temperature and pressure. In two-dimensional (2D) materials such as graphene, atoms combine along a plane to form a one-atom-thick structure. This gives us attractive properties determined by quantum mechanics. Researchers at the University of Vienna, in collaboration with the University of Tubingen, the University of Antwerp, and the University of CY Sergei Paris, have worked with Danuvia Nanotech to create a new 2D material with copper and iodine atoms sandwiched between two graphene sheets.The results were published in the journal Advanced material ..

Designing new materials can increase the efficiency of known applications or enable entirely new applications that existing materials could not reach. In fact, over the last 100 years, tens of thousands of traditional materials such as metals and their alloys have been identified. It is predicted that a similar number of possible 2D materials will exist, but so far only a few of them have been experimentally produced. One of the reasons for this is the instability of many of these materials in laboratory conditions.

In a recent study, researchers synthesized 2D cupric iodide stabilized with a graphene sandwich as the first example of a material that does not exist under normal laboratory conditions. The synthesis takes advantage of the large inter-story spacing of the graphene oxide multi-layer. This allows iodine and copper atoms to diffuse into the gap and allow new materials to grow. The graphene layer here plays an important role in applying high pressure to the sandwiched material to stabilize it. The resulting sandwich structure is shown in the figure.

“It was a surprise when we first saw the new material in microscopic images,” says Kimo Mustnen, the lead author of the study. “It took me a long time to figure out exactly what the structure was, so I worked with Danubia NanoTech, led by Viera Skákalová, to design a chemical process to make it on a large scale. I was able to do it, “he continues. Understanding the structure was a joint effort of scientists at the University of Vienna, the University of Tubingen, the University of Antwerp, and CY Sergi Paris. “Several electron microscopy techniques need to be used to confirm that a monolayer of copper and iodine is actually seen and to extract accurate atomic positions in 3D, including the latest recently developed methods. There was, “adds Christoph Hofer, the second lead author. ..

Following 2D copper iodide, researchers are already expanding synthetic methods to produce other new 2D materials. “This method is truly universal and seems to provide access to dozens of new 2D materials. These are really exciting times,” concludes Kimo Mustnen.

Provided by
University of Vienna

Quote : Enabled within Graphene Sandwich (January 20, 2022) obtained from // on January 21, 2022 Impossible material

This document is subject to […]


Best Stereo Speaker 2022: Build the perfect stereo system

Whether you are catching the latest episode of walking Dead Or if you blow up your favorite album, a proper stereo system can make all the difference to your listening experience. However, finding the right system for your home and needs is not always easy.

We worked hard for you, researching the top products on the market and analyzing critic reviews, in addition to thousands of actual reviews by customers just like you. Based on our thorough search, these are the best stereo speakers.

Best buy Technical specifications

wireless : number

Speaker type : Bookshelf

Enclosure type : Bass reflex

RMS power : 120W

Impedance : 8 ohms

Minimum frequency response : 40Htz

Maximum frequency response : 33kHz

sensitivity : 88 dB

Number of speakers : 2

Number of tweeters included : 1 Tweeter size : 1 “ Number of midranges included : 1 Midrange size : 6.5 “ Number of drivers included : 2 Number of woofers included : 0 What is included? grill Port plug Spikes and rubber feet At a glance The Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition was named the best stereo speaker overall in 2022 at an affordable price for the quality and features it receives. The speakers are provided in pairs, but manage a compact design that’s perfect for a bookshelf. You don’t sacrifice power. The Continuum mid-base drive unit offers heavy power, excellent bass, and great transparency enhanced by an exclusive decoupling double dome tweeter. In addition, this is a special anniversary version that incorporates an upgraded crossover, trim ring, and magnetic grille. Combined with a 1-inch decoupled double-dome aluminum tweeter to increase frequency, combined with a 6-inch continuous mid-base, and a built-in flow port to reduce turbulence.This enables a new kind of listening experience with greater intelligibility and more power than previous models. This model demonstrates the technology Bowers & Wilkins has completed for 25 years and is certainly demonstrated in this special anniversary edition.However, if you need a stand, you will need to purchase it separately. Warranty Bowers & Wilkins offers a manufacturer’s warranty for the 606 S2 Anniversary Edition, including 5 years of parts and work. Strong Points Excellent build Great clarity Excellent bass Disadvantages Not wireless Price optionAmazon Technical specifications wireless : number Speaker type : Bookshelf Power handling : Up to 40WRMS / 75W Impedance : 6 ohms Minimum frequency response : 70Hz Maximum frequency response : 25Hz sensitivity : 87 dB (1W / 1m) Number of speakers : 2 Number of woofers included : 1 What is included? Woofer: 6-1 / 2 “Polypropylene Tweeter: 1 “x1” mini AMT Includes 2x 20 AWG9.5 speaker cable At a glance The Dayton Audio B652-AIR is an affordable bookshelf speaker compatible with computers, televisions and DVD players, and works with any receiver that supports 4-8 ohm speakers for greater compatibility. increase. It has a simple and compact design with a Pica vinyl cabinet and a removable cloth grill. Setup is easy with the quick connect terminal. Plus, […]


Intel is spending $ 20 billion to build a large chip manufacturing facility in Ohio

Intel has announced plans to build a large semiconductor facility in Ohio. time — The company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, hopes to become “the largest silicon manufacturing site on the planet.” The company has allocated $ 20 billion to build a site on 1,000 acres of land in New Albany on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. Intel’s original plans include building two semiconductor manufacturing plants (or fabs) on a site that will employ 3,000 people. Construction of the site is scheduled to begin this year, and Intel expects the fab to be up and running by 2025.

A Bloomberg According to a report in late 2021, the White House “strongly discouraged” Intel from increasing chip production in China. The government has encouraged companies to manufacture chips in the United States to address the ongoing global shortage. Similarly, companies are urging the president to fund semiconductor research and manufacturing. However, the construction of new plants can take years, so such projects cannot immediately address supply chain shortages.

Intel has searched 38 different sites in the United States for the facility, but said it ultimately chose Ohio for all the space available. The company does not want to build it in a location that could expel residents. That was the final killing of Amazon’s plan to build a second headquarters in New York. Once the fabs are complete, Intel will use them to manufacture both their own chips and chips for their clients under Intel Foundry Services. The company announced foundry services when it announced that it was building two plants in Arizona. Again, Intel will cost $ 20 billion in March 2021.

According to Gelsinger, chipmakers have the option of expanding Ohio’s premises to 2,000 acres and building up to eight fabs in the future. “We helped establish Silicon Valley,” said the CEO. time .. “From now on, we will run Silicon Heartland.”

All Engadget recommended products are selected by an editorial team independent of the parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through any of these links, you may earn affiliate commissions. Intel is spending $ 20 billion to build a large chip manufacturing facility in Ohio


Tejas Networks Appoints N. Ganapathy Subramaniam and Amur S. Lakshminarayanan as Directors

This appointment is based on the recommendations of the Tejas Networks Board Nomination and Compensation Committee.

Tejas Networks, a telecommunications equipment provider, has announced the appointment of N. Ganapathy Subramaniam and Amur S. Lakshminarayanan as nominee directors for Panatone Findest Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited.

The appointment is based on the nomination of the Tehas Networks Board of Directors and the recommendations of the Compensation Committee and requires shareholder approval, the company said in a statement.

N. Ganapathy Subramaniam has been Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) since February 2017. He has also been a board member and chairman of Tata Elxsi Limited since November 2014. He also has about 40 years of experience in TCS in strategic management. With technology and operations across large companies in both established and new growth markets, he has been deeply involved in the evolution of the Indian IT industry and the value creation process of globally dispersed human resources.

Amur S. Lakshminarayanan is CEO and MD of Tata Communications. He has over 35 years of experience in a wide range of leadership roles throughout the region and industry. Throughout his career, he has managed and developed scalable businesses and has a deep understanding of the global technology market and the growing digital needs of companies. Prior to Tata Communications, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Tata Consultancy Services Japan, responsible for accelerating the company’s market opportunities and developing brands in the region. His other leadership positions within the TCS include the Global Heads of four P & L units (Telecom, Media & Information Services, High Tech, Utilities) and the UK and Europe heads that have led to significant business growth. It will be.

V. Balakrishnan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tejas Networks, commented on this appointment, saying: They bring a wealth of strategic and operational experience, strong domain knowledge, and an excellent track record of scaling companies from India to the global scale. We look forward to their valuable insights as Tejas Networks accelerates its journey to become the world’s leading end-to-end telecommunications product company. “ Tejas Networks Appoints N. Ganapathy Subramaniam and Amur S. Lakshminarayanan as Directors


Railroad Digitization: Kryptonite for the Industry?

Railroad technology improves entertainment Wifi Systems, autonomous trains, online booking systems, etc. However, as the amount of technology available increases, that technology is also more likely to be a victim of cybersecurity threats.

While the digitization of rail systems brings many benefits, it also increases the vulnerability of the rail business, which can lead to service interruptions, data breaches, derailments, network outages, etc. in the event of a cybersecurity attack. There is sex. As a result of these cyberattacks, railroad companies can face a variety of consequences from legal liability, financial loss, injury, and reputational loss.

Founded in 2017, Cyrus, a global leader in railroad cybersecurity, has used the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop technology solutions to combat the threat of cyberattacks. Cyrus One enables you to detect cyber threats through rail signal and control networks, trackside, and onboard systems and take timely and effective responses to threats.

Frankie Youd tells Cyrus CEO and co-founder Amir Levintal about the solutions the company can offer to the industry and the threats cyberattacks pose to the industry. Credit: Cyrus. Frankie Ude (FY): Can you tell us about your company background?

Amir Levintal (AL): In the process of establishing the company, we realized that the railroad industry is undergoing not only a huge digitalization process, especially autonomous trends within technology, but also integrations such as off-the-shelf technology and wireless. Four principles for leveraging data for asset management Green Transport Revolution: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Invest in the Future These technologies are very unique to the rail industry and are not used that way by other industries, so in order to protect them, we need to develop solutions that understand protocols and systems. To protect them, you need to understand the business logic of the railway system. Operation is of paramount importance, with a deep understanding of safety, availability to ensure that trains arrive on time, and cybersecurity to understand operation and mitigate these threats while the line is in operation. We provide the best solutions to help you.

What we actually provide as a company is the ability to continuously monitor safety-critical systems, onboard signals, control centers, and more.

Data, insights and analysis provided
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By railroad technology team
Sign up for the newsletter What are the major threats facing the industry when it comes to cybersecurity?

The easiest is to disrupt the network. For trains under threat, there is a fail-safe mechanism that stops by default, and changing the communication circuit will stop the train. This is the easiest way to create the kind of ransomware that an attacker knows from your computer.

Imagine ransomware where all trains stop and, as a result, use wireless communication to allow an attacker to take advantage of mechanisms that control train speed. There is a risk of accidents and derailments. These are very unique to the market and new technologies expose the system.

There is a process that integrates all modes of transportation, which needs to continue to evolve with digitalization. You need to […]


Shure opens flagship store in Philippines

ShurePhilippines and Southeast Asia’s first Audiophile Components feature microphones, headphones, speakers, a world-class quality system, and multiple listening and audio production tools from home conferences, conferences, performances, and other products ideal for production. Audiophile Components Inc., Shure’s exclusive distributor, led the Tech & Gadgets Zone of Ayala Malls Manila Bay, a stand-alone store on the 4th floor, in response to the demand for better sound quality in work-at-home spaces. We want our customers to experience Shure’s legendary audio experience first hand. Why the brand has set an industry standard for reliable and high quality sound performance so that the brand can put the Shure SE112 in a package and discover it for themselves.

Please come For more information.


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Trump Says Pelosi Is to Blame for ‘Jan. 6 as We Know It’

Fox News In a chummy Thursday night interview with Fox News host and one-time informal presidential adviser Sean Hannity, Trump was asked pointedly whether he called up the National Guard on Jan. 6, 2021, to help quell the violence in Washington, D.C.

“One hundred percent, and attested to by many people,” Trump replied. “And they turned it down… Nancy Pelosi turned it down, and she is in charge of the Capitol.”

Trump first made this baseless claim, which was promptly debunked , in February 2021. Nearly a year later, he’s still claiming that “we would have had no Jan. 6 as we know it” if not for his political foes.

“There would have been no problem whatsoever, but they turned it down, which tells you everything,” Trump claimed, referring to both Pelosi and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser. If not for those Democrats, he went on, “You would not have had any problem. It would have just been absolutely a lovely day.”

As for the crowd he addressed that day, Trump made it sound like a summer of love in January:

“It was a lot of love there. Believe me, there was a lot of love and a lot of friendship, and people that love our country. These are great people,” he said, echoing Hannity’s colleague Tucker Carlson, who declared last week that one of the alleged Oath Keepers hit with seditious conspiracy charges was a “thoroughly patriotic American.”

Trump did not bother to mention the hundreds of felony charges handed down, and neither did Hannity.

Hannity also didn’t ask Trump a bread-and-butter question about the 2020 election, perhaps influenced by the Jan. 6 committee releasing texts on Thursday that show him urging then-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEneny to get the then-president to lay off the “stolen election talk.”

For his part, Trump did seem to put a sliver of distance between himself and his more violent supporters who came out on Jan. 6, saying “This was a protest against the election which they considered to be totally rigged.”


FBI Reportedly Raided Rep. Henry Cuellar’s House As Part Of Azerbaijan Probe

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said he would cooperate with any investigation, and his staff said he was “committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld. The FBI raided the home of Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) on Wednesday as part of a federal probe relating to Azerbaijan and unnamed U.S. businessmen, according to several media reports.

Both ABC and CBS reported Thursday that the raid is connected to a federal grand jury investigation. It occurred a day after FBI agents were seen descending on Cuellar’s home in Laredo, Texas. The Monitor, a local news outlet, said that agents were seen taking cases and other items from his home and that the FBI was also seen at a separate building Cuellar owns, his campaign office and other businesses.

The FBI told the Texas Tribune it couldn’t comment on the basis for the investigation or the raid but called it “ court-authorized law enforcement activity.” It’s unclear if anyone was home at the time.

Cuellar, who has served in Congress since 2005, has said he will cooperate with “any investigation,” and his office said the congressman was “committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld.”

He is a powerful moderate Democrat and holds a seat on the House Appropriations Committee. He also served as the co-chair on the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus in recent years, ABC News reported.

Cuellar is seeking reelection this year and will run in a primary on March 1.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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Preteens may be vaxed without parents under California bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California would allow children age 12 and up to be vaccinated without their parents’ consent, the youngest age of any state, under a proposal late Thursday by a state senator.

Alabama allows such decisions at age 14, Oregon at 15, Rhode Island and South Carolina at 16, according to Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco who is proposing the change. Only Washington, D.C., has a lower limit, at age 11.

Wiener argued that California already allows those 12 and up to consent to the Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, and to treatment for sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse and mental health disorders.

“Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents’ beliefs or work schedules, is essential for their physical and mental health,” he said. “It’s unconscionable for teens to be blocked from the vaccine because a parent either refuses or cannot take their child to a vaccination site.”

Currently in California, minors ages 12 to 17 cannot be vaccinated without permission from their parents or guardian, unless the vaccine is specifically to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.

Wiener’s bill would lift the parental requirement for that age group for any vaccine that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That includes immunizations against the coronavirus, but Wiener said vaccine hesitancy and misinformation has also deterred vaccinations against measles and other contagious diseases that can then spread among youths whose parents won’t agree to have them vaccinated.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom in October announced the nation’s first coronavirus vaccine mandate for schoolchildren . But it likely won’t take effect until later this year and allows exemptions for medical reasons, religious and personal beliefs — though lawmakers may try to limit non-medical reasons.