Update: Dothan’s baby almost drowns in the tub


Dothan, Ara. (( WDHN ) — When Dothan police arrived at the 3500 block house on Napier Field Road, they found a 10-month-old baby in the tub.

According to police, the baby’s parents, Christian Taylor Lane and Sarah Perkins, were at home at the time, but the toilet and baby flushed and left the drains unplugged.

They believe the baby was lying face down for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, police said other children in the house used clothes and other types of materials to clog the tub’s drains, filling the tub.

After further investigation, police said they found the child left alone in the bathtub for about an hour.

“We were discussing and waiting for how bad the injury would be,” said Scott Owens, Lieutenant of Dothan Police. “Injury is always an element of the crime we must unite.”

The child was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a hospital outside the area due to the severity of the baby’s condition. Police told WDHN that the baby had been hospitalized since drowning a week ago.

“It will have long-term health implications,” said Lieutenant Owens.

The baby’s parents, 22-year-old Christian Taylor Lane and 21-year-old Sarah Perkins, were charged with exacerbated child abuse.

“The two people in the house, after checking with the District Attorney’s Office, came up with the allegations that we thought were the most suitable,” said Lieutenant Owens.

The deposit is set at $ 60,000 per parent.

Dothan, Ara. (( WDHN ) — Police answered a medical call on December 22 in response to a 10-month-old drowning in the bathtub.Police answered a call at 3500 blocks on Napier Field Road, where the child’s parents were at home at the time of drowning.According to police, the child was in the bathtub with water flowing and the sewer pipe removed.Other children at home used clothing and other types of materials to clog the drains and fill the tub.The child’s parents were somewhere in the house.The child was taken to a hospital in the area and then transferred to another hospital in the state.After further investigation, Dothan police found that the child had been left in the bathtub for about an hour.Dothan police say 22-year-old Christian Taylor Lane and 21-year-old Sarah Perkins’ parents were charged with exacerbated child abuse.According to police, each parent’s deposit is set at $ 60,000. Update: Dothan’s baby almost drowns in the tub


Yellowstone finale will not be streamed on Paramount Plus. I’m sorry.

Kevin Costner starred in Yellowstone, the most watched screenplay show on cable TV last year. Paramount Network
Yellowstone Much, Paramount Network The biggest hit song of. It’s also one of the biggest hits of the cable, period.Last year’s Cliffhanger Finale Largest Viewer of Cable TV Scripted TV Shows By 2020, it will be viewed by 7.6 million viewers. The premiere of the fourth season in November has almost doubled. 14.7 million viewers ..And for those who want to catch up with past seasons or watch as soon as the finale hits, a streaming service Paramount Plus Seems like a natural place to turn around.

But, contrary to intuition, I can’t find the show most relevant to the Paramount name anywhere. Paramount Plus ..

If you want to stream Yellowstone’s finale, you’ll need to try unlocking Paramount Communication network An app, not Paramount Plus.If you want to make a noise Yellowstone In the back catalog of, you can mozy to your Paramount Plus rivals peacock , Has an exclusive contract to be the only subscription streaming service in the first three seasons. And after the end of the fourth season, eventually the entire batch of Yellowstone episodes will move to subscription streaming services, which will also be peacocks.

It’s confusing, but it’s by design. The hottest Viacom CBS title isn’t in Paramount Plus, and Yellowstone isn’t the only one streaming elsewhere. For example, if you’re looking for Comedy Central’s South Park, you’ll need to check out. HBO Max .. Content licensing is a big business for ViacomCBS, as is the revenue generated by hosting hit shows on traditional cable networks like Paramount Network. ViacomCBS is all about large Paramount shows like Yellowstone.

Like the rest of the new streaming service parade-including Disney plus , HBO Max, Apple TV Plus , With a peacock Discovery Plus –Paramount Plus wants your unique combination of television and cinema to attract you to your unique vision for the future of television. But Byzantine licensing allows you to find and watch your favorite shows and movies online, even if new services like Paramount Plus start rallying their own content, like Yellowstone’s underscores. It’s not always easy. Where you are can Yellowstone stream

The main difference to understand about how Yellowstone is streamed is that Paramount Plus is different from Paramount Network, where Yellowstone runs its finale on Sunday.

Paramount Plus does not allow you to stream Yellowstone (old or new episodes).

Paramount Network is a traditional cable channel available to those who pay through a live TV provider. Paramount Network shows and movies, including the latest episodes of Yellowstone, can be streamed on the web at or its Paramount Network app.However, usually these are cables, satellites, or Live channel streaming service favorite YouTube TV also Philo ..

One exception: Paramount put the first episode of Yellowstone’s fourth season outside the paywall, so anyone can stream this episode (Half the Money) for free on the Paramount Network app or website. If you want to watch other episodes of the fourth season, […]


Xiaomi MIX5 Concept Image-Uses Rear Telescopic 200x Zoom Camera

Over the last two years, the development of flagship mobile phones has reached new heights. This mainly applies to the camera department. I’ve seen the pixel size of smartphone cameras move from 32MP to 108MP within a few years. At the pace of smartphone camera development, many devices are now equipped with periscope lenses. Some of these lenses support up to 100x ultra-long-distance shooting and can even shoot the moon directly. Recently, some netizens have released a concept image for the Xiaomi MIX 5.

According to the concept image, the Xiaomi MIX 5 comes with a retractable lens solution. The retractable camera has a wide range and can shoot up to 200x zoom. However, zooming at this level doesn’t really make sense on mobile phones. Don’t talk about whether that can be achieved. Even if you can achieve it, you cannot shoot it by hand. To take a picture, you need to use a tripod and stabilizer.

In addition, the photo shows that the Xiaomi MIX 5 is also very radical in its front design. Not only does it continue with the proactive underscreen technology of the previous generation, but it also has the effect of having few boundaries on all sides. The device is as if the entire front is just a screen. However, the camera technology at the bottom of the screen is still far from perfect. This means that the image output of the front camera is not as good as the previous generation. Xiaomi MIX 5 is far from official

However, it is important to note that this is just a concept and no such level of integrity can be achieved in a real transaction. Nevertheless, the Xiaomi MIX 5 is equipped with Xiaomi’s finest technology. The flagship smartphone will be equipped with advanced features such as upcoming 150W fast charging, 2K resolution screen and more, and the device will be available in about 6 months.

Currently, there is no official information from Xiaomi about Xiaomi MIX 5. This is just a fanboy concept and may not be close to a real deal. From the concept, the camera is the main aspect of focus. However, various manufacturers continue to search for more powerful camera technologies. For example, Oppo’s previously shown telephoto lens is similar to a traditional camera lens, but it is more compact and can provide more powerful zoom and focus effects. Xiaomi, of course, never gives up on the quest for extreme technology. Xiaomi has also reportedly developed related technology. Xiaomi MIX5 Concept Image-Uses Rear Telescopic 200x Zoom Camera


NHL Winter Classic 2022: How to Watch Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues Online from Anywhere

From retro-themed jerseys to pool-like outdoor settings, hockey returns to its roots in the 2022 edition of the NHL Winter Classic, just as Minnesota Wild takes over the St. Louis blues. This is one of the most watched and most anticipated annual events in the sport. Learn how to watch NHL Winter Classic live streams online, wherever you are.

The 13th edition of the NHL Winter Classic will be played in the 40,000-capacity Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins in Major League Baseball, with two teams playing a big role in the western region. Wild and Bruce collided 85 times during the regular season, with St. Louis having a 9-point advantage over Minnesota. This is Wild’s second appearance in the NHL outdoor game, beating the Chicago Blackhawks 6-1 at the then TCF Bank Stadium in the 2016 NHL Stadium Series. Read below to learn more about how to get the NHL Winter Classic 2022 live stream and watch Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues online, no matter where you are in the world. USA: Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues Live Stream

How to watch NHL Winter Classic 2022 live stream from abroad

Unfortunately, when you try to watch NHL Winter Classic domestic coverage from a location other than your home country, you quickly run into problems. It’s geographic blocking. That’s where broadcasters prevent you from seeing your regular feeds from abroad. This is a common problem for streamers around the world, but there is an easy solution. How to use VPN

Using a VPN is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 1. Download and install the VPN -As we say, our number one choice is ExpressVPN 2. Connect to the appropriate server location -Open the VPN app and[場所の選択]Click to select the appropriate location. 3. Go to the broadcast stream- Visit your home broadcaster’s site or app and watch as if you were at home. Sling For the United States. How to watch NHL Winter Classic 2022: Wild vs Blues live stream in Canada

How to watch NHL Winter Classic 2022: Wild vs Blues live stream in the UK

How to watch NHL Winter Classic 2022 online: Wild vs Bruce Ice Hockey Live Stream in Australia NHL Winter Classic 2022: How to Watch Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues Online from Anywhere


How to watch James Webb deploy the sunshield tomorrow

The James Webb Space Telescope continues the complex process of unfolding an origami-like structure into its final unfolded form as it travels through space on its way to its final orbit around the Sun. Most of this process of telescope tensioning the sunshade will take place tomorrow, and NASA will broadcast a live broadcast of the event. Find out more about what you can expect from now on and how to see it together at home. What to expect from the development of the shade

The awning of the James Webb Space Telescope can be seen during the test. Chris Gun-NASA Goddard Space Flight Center The process of deploying the telescope from a rocket-folded launch configuration to full deployment and ready to put science into operation is complex. One of the most important and delicate parts of this operation is the deployment of a five-tier tennis court-sized awning that protects the telescope from the heat of the sun.

Over the past week, some of the shade support structures have been put in place and Extension of two mid booms This extended the awning to its full width of 47 feet.

Now you need to put tension on the shade. Each of the five layers is separated and stretched to its final shape, leaving a space between each layer to keep it taut to dissipate heat. It works by pulling the shield in place using a total of 90 cables connected to various pulleys, starting with the largest layer, which is the layer closest to the sun.

Full deployment is expected to take at least two days. How to monitor the deployment of sunshades

Coverage of the sunshade deployment will begin at 2:00 pm PST on Sunday, January 2. NASA TV broadcasts a live broadcast of the tension process. Once this is complete, there will be a briefing with James Webb and detailed information about the deployment process.

To watch the broadcast, you can proceed to one of the following: NASA website Or use the video player embedded at the top of this page.

In addition to coverage of the awning development, there will be further coverage of the development process next week. On Tuesday, January 4th, there will be live coverage of the James Webb secondary mirror support structure deployment, and on Friday, January 7th, there will be live coverage of the second deployment of the primary mirror wing.The exact times of these broadcasts have not yet been confirmed, but you can monitor James Webb Space Telescope Blog See more details as they become available. Editor’s recommendations How to watch James Webb deploy the sunshield tomorrow


Some heavy thunderstorms can cause heavy thunderstorms – WKRG News 5

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG)-We are weather forecasts as the system approaches us overnight tomorrow afternoon.

timing: Throughout the afternoon and evening, we were able to see pop-up thunderstorms that could cause harmful gusts or short tornadoes up to 60 mph. A line of heavy thunderstorms is expected to enter our area around 10 pm. The line will continue to track until tomorrow afternoon.

threat: we Marginal risk For bad weather both today and tomorrow. The main risk is damaging the wind up to 60 mph, but short tornadoes cannot be ruled out. A Tornado watch Valid until 10 pm in northern Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The Gulf Coast is not under the supervision of a tornado, Some heavy thunderstorms can cause heavy thunderstorms – WKRG News 5


30A “Trump Won” and “Let’s Go Brandon” banners are still flying

Seagrove Beach, Florida WMBB ) — Seagrove Beach homeowners with the “Trump Won” and “Let’s Go Brandon” banners haven’t retreated in the fight against Walton County.

Marvin Peavy turned out last month on a nearly three-story banner that wasn’t compliant with the Walton County code.

The code prohibits any kind of sign along the scenic corridor where he lives.

Peavy has been fined $ 50 a day for violating the county sign ordinance along the scenic highway 30A.

He was originally quoted in October and said he now has over $ 4,000 in debt.

He said he had no plans to remove the banner.

“We haven’t paid the fine yet,” Peavy said. “We believe that we have the right to the First Amendment, so we try not to pay fines, so we are confronting the county here.”

Peavy said he would go to Walton County Court in the coming weeks to discuss the constitutionality of the ordinance.

He said they would bring it to the US Supreme Court if necessary. 30A “Trump Won” and “Let’s Go Brandon” banners are still flying


It’s 2022, but Surface Duo doesn’t have Android 11 yet

We are officially in 2022. Do you know what that means? that’s right. This means that Microsoft failed to meet its goal of deploying Android 11 on the Surface Duo by the end of 2021.

Careful readers may recall what Microsoft said: September of this year : “We continue to work on providing Surface Duo updates and are working to bring Android 11 to existing customers by the end of this year.” Well, the company wasn’t accurate. hopeful Android 11 by the end of 2021 — But that’s a very suggestive intent and could have given a lot of hope to some Surface Duo users. “We are working to bring Android 11 to our existing customers by the end of this year.” As Windows Central The first report was that the Duo device has not yet received Android 11. This may be disappointing to the owners of these devices, but it’s not unprecedented. Temporary interruption of updates is equivalent to an Android course. Manufacturers of all kinds have not been able to consistently and timely resolve update issues. “The upgrade story is still the same today as it was ten years ago. First-party Google devices will be updated soon, and everything else will take months or not at all.” On the verge Editor-in-Chief of Dieter Bone 2019 newsletter ..

Microsoft also needs to run Android with additional controls and features to support Duo’s two screens. Android as an operating system is “terribly unprepared for devices like the Surface Duo,” Bohn said. Device review .. You might expect it to take some time to deploy such products. Still, Duo users haven’t received any significant software improvements since the device was launched 15 months ago. It has been long awaited.

Microsoft has not yet responded to the request for comment, and Windows Central He claims to have received “no useless comments” in response to their inquiries. Fortunately Windows Central I’ve heard from sources that “Surface Duo’s Android 11 update is in action and needs to be rolled out once the update is certified by Google and AT & T.” It’s 2022, but Surface Duo doesn’t have Android 11 yet


The Lady’s Tomb reveals a new secret of the very durable concrete of ancient Rome

expansion / / The tomb of Caecilia Metella is a mausoleum located 3 miles on Apia Street, just outside Rome. Among the many popular tourist destinations in Rome is the impressive 2000-year-old mausoleum along the Appian Way. Tomb of Caecilia Metella , A lady who lived in the first century AD. Sir Byron was amazed at the structure and referred to it in the epic. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812-1818).Scientists now analyze samples of ancient concrete used to build tombs and use the results. Paper presentation It was published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society in October.

“The construction of this highly innovative and sturdy monument and landmark on the Appian Way [Caecilia Metella] It was held with respect. ” Co-author Marie Jackson said , Geophysicist University of Utah .. “And the concrete fabric after 2,050 years reflects a strong and elastic presence.”

Like today Portland cement (Basic component of modern concrete), ancient Roman concrete It was basically a mixture of semi-fluid mortar and aggregate. Portland cement is usually made by heating limestone and clay (and sandstone, ash, chalk, iron) in a kiln. The resulting clinker is crushed into fine powder with a small amount of gypsum. Suitable for achieving a smooth and flat surface.However, the aggregate used to make Roman concrete was made of fist-sized stones and bricks.

In his dissertation de Architectura (Around 30 AD), Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius I wrote about how to make a concrete wall for a funeral that can withstand a long period of time without falling into ruins. He recommended that the walls be at least 2 feet thick and made of either “square red stones or bricks or lava laid on the course”. Brick or volcanic rock aggregate must be combined with slaked lime and a mortar composed of porous pieces of glass and crystals from a volcanic eruption (known as volcanic tephra). expansion / / Portus Cosanus Pier, Orbetello, Italy. According to a 2017 survey, the formation of crystals in the concrete used to construct the revetment prevented the formation of cracks. Jackson has been studying the unusual properties of ancient Roman concrete for many years.For example, she and a few colleagues Analyzed Mortar used for concrete that composes Trajan’s Market , Built between 100 and 110 AD (probably the oldest shopping mall in the world). They were particularly interested in the “adhesives” used in the binding phase of the material. Calcium-aluminum-silicate-hydrate (CASH) Stratocaster .. They found that Stratringite crystals prevented the formation and diffusion of microcracks in the mortar, which could lead to greater disruption of the structure.

2017, Jackson co-authored paper Analyze concrete from the ruins of a breakwater along the Mediterranean coast of Italy. This has been going on for 2,000 years, despite the harsh marine environment. The constant saltwater waves hitting the walls would have turned modern concrete walls into rubble long ago, but the Roman seawalls seem to have actually strengthened.

Jackson and her colleagues have found that the secret to their longevity is a special recipe that […]


AT & T and Verizon could delay 5G expansion again due to FAA concerns

Last month, AT & T and Verizon postponed the rollout of potentially fast C-band 5G services due to safety concerns from the Federal Aviation Administration. Now, it seems that additional delays may occur over FAA concerns. Two major carriers planned to roll out a C-band service using the newly purchased frequency on December 5, but the launch was launched in January as the Ministry of Transport expressed concern about possible interference. It was postponed to the 5th.According to the letter obtained by Reuters The Department of Transportation and the FAA are currently seeking up to two more weeks to investigate this issue.

In a letter sent by Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg and FAA administrator Steve Dickson to the CEOs of AT & T and Verizon, they called for a delay “within two weeks.” The two assembled this requirement as part of a “Proposal as a short-term solution to promote the coexistence of 5G deployment and safe flight operations in the C band.” Reuters ..

The problem so far has been the possibility of pilots using bad weather safety systems that could compete with this new C-band 5G technology. The FAA finally wants to enact regulations that prohibit pilots from using such systems. The Wall Street Journal Reported in November. Aviation officials claim that C-Band 5G can interfere with flights in and around about four dozen cities where C-Band Towers are located. Telecom claims that there is no evidence that C-band 5G jeopardizes flight safety.

Within that framework Reuters In the report, the FAA designated a “priority” airport, stating that “the buffer zone will allow aviation operations to continue safely while the FAA completes the potential interference assessment.” I am.

Reuters Both companies say they have received the letter. But so far, they haven’t agreed to an additional two-week delay. Needless to say, this postponement will be unwelcome news for both carriers. Reuters On Friday, the two companies reported that the aviation industry had accused the C-band expansion of being “hostaged until the radio industry agreed to pay for the abolished altimeter upgrade.”

And in a statement insider A Verizon spokeswoman said on Saturday, “If airlines are very concerned about canceling flights related to 5G, we need to look at the results of the last two weeks,” in the midst of a surge in COVID. Mentioned the recent wave of cancellations in. 19 cases. “There are clearly far greater problems to worry about in this industry, funded by $ 54 billion taxpayers over the past few years and released on bail by the government.”

However, the executives of the two carriers Reuters The two companies said they agreed to a six-month precaution when they purchased the C-band spectrum in early 2021.

All Engadget recommended products are selected by an editorial team independent of the parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through any of these links, you may earn affiliate commissions. AT & T and Verizon could delay 5G expansion again due to FAA concerns