5 exciting web design trends for 2022

Trends in web design are cyclical, but 2022 may stand out for a variety of reasons. Yes, current events like the pandemic come into play, but in addition to that, mobile devices continue to become more powerful, and privacy and safety have become top-of-mind for many people.

With greater technical capabilities, we’ve seen a lot of complexity added into web sites over the last few years – but web designers and developers need to respond to cultural phenomena like economic recovery, privacy and safety. We think 2022 is the year in which sites that course-correct toward clarity, openness, and simplicity are the sites which will gain traction in the market.

Here’s the trends we think are going to shape 2022, and how how you can get a jump start on leading them. For more advice and insight, see our web design tools or sign up to our brand new UX design course . 01. Sharing not telling

Google Local Guides gives an outline of how it works through simple scrolling and animations (Image credit: Google) Is it a trend, or is it simply timeless advice? Inspiring people with your message means drawing them in with visuals and interactions that surprise and engage.In 2022, you’ll see more background video and animations that engage your visitor’s mind and will add gentle motion to your page, decrease bounce rate, and help visitors engage with the words and messaging.

Micro-interactions and micro-animations are also ways that give pages life and energy. Making them subtle, but noticeable, adds a level of detail that your visitors may not be able to articulate, but that helps you stand out.

What is a micro-interaction? Think of them as small animations that get triggered by hovering with your cursor, or by scrolling to a particular part of the page. When you hover the mouse over the button or a section of the site and something changes color, or an icon moves slightly, that engages you visually and gives the page a tactile feeling.

Animations are especially useful for illustrating complex concepts and processes in a simple, digestible way. While it can be overused, simple and refined animations illustrate your message in a way words never could. 02. Simplicity

Menu Durable uses a colourful approach with gentle iconography (Image credit: Menu Durable) Businesses are undergoing serious challenges going into 2022. Creating roadblocks to customer engagement simply isn’t a feasible strategy if your business is looking to grow. How does that translate into web design?

Fewer words, calming colours, vivid imagery, and very clear calls to action should be all the rage in 2022. Page design is going to trend toward lighter weight experiences that encourage the user to explore deeper, rather than putting everything up front in one page. They’ll be simplified messaging that implores the visitor to want to learn more, rather than complex conversations that leave visitors feeling information overload.

While a few years ago the trend was toward things like infographics – tightly designed, typography-driven, space condensed – design in 2022 will incorporate […]

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