5 Fashion Rules to Stop Following

Shutterstock If you’ve ever been a follower of fashion news and trends, chances are you’ve come across articles or tips online explaining the “fashion rules”. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Nobody knows where these rules came from, or who decided upon them, but for some reason, people follow them. They’re always so limiting with creative expression. Listening to these fashion myths is never going to help anyone find their sense of style. That’s why you should be a rule-breaker, and not follow these five fashion myths. Sweatpants are only loungewear

Shutterstock Sweatpants have always been seen as an article of clothing that is only appropriate for the days you spend in the comfort of your own home. But if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere. In other words, sweatpants can absolutely make a stylish outfit. Comfort and style can be combined in a modern way. You can easily dress up a pair of sweatpants with the right accessories. Leather is just for the cold months

Shutterstock Leather is a heavier material than, say, cotton, and so many believe it should be avoided during the warmer months. However, if this was the truth, leather shorts, bustiers, and cropped jackets wouldn’t exist. Even in the spring and summer, there are cool nights, making these pieces essential to your wardrobe. Wear materials and pieces that you feel comfortable in. Don’t mix metals

Personally, I love mixing metals. I think interchanging my silver and gold jewelry gives great visual interest to the outfit. This doesn’t just apply to silver and gold. You can mix all the metals, whether that be rose, yellow, or white gold. They’re all great places to start. The options are limitless, from necklaces to bracelets, earrings, all are perfect to start experimenting. Brown and black shouldn’t mix

Similar to the myth of not being able to mix navy blue and black, one myth I’m sure many of us are sick of hearing is that the colors black and brown don’t go together at all. People think that because they’re so similar that they shouldn’t be mixed. However, this couldn’t be more untrue. Black and brown are both neutral, therefore they’re very simple to mix and match in an outfit. Don’t wear white after Labor Day

One of the biggest fashion myths is not being able to wear white after Labor Day. White in clothing is practically wherever you look, as it’s neutral and can be worn at any time. White also compliments nearly anyone. It can give most skin tones a natural glow. For this reason, it shouldn’t be for only one time of the year.

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