5 Marketing and Sales Trends That Make or Break Lead Generation

In this episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe uncover five marketing and sales trends that are impacting the success of your lead gen, whether you realize it or not. Most importantly, they share pro tips on how to make these trends work for you. Get ready to start attracting leads to your content!

Matt and Kirk discuss: Changing consumer behavior (and how to win them over with marketing)

Underrated multi-channel marketing strategies

How to create expertise that people value even before they become a prospect

The importance of creating content with persistence

And more



[00:00:00] Welcome to the Top Advisor Marketing podcast brought to you by ProudMouth . I’m your host, Matt Halloran. Being your own loud is not new to marketing, but the mindset, strategies, and resources to help you get there are evolving faster than this industry is keeping up. It is time to find a new perspective on what works, why, and how to move your business forward.

[00:00:24] Listen as I interview guests to help you learn from them how to be your own loud. Let’s get to the show.

Matt Halloran:

[00:00:34] Hello and welcome to another Top Advisor Marketing Podcast. Kirk and I today are going to dive into the five biggest sales and marketing trends affecting lead generation. I think it probably doesn’t surprise you. This is something that we talk about regularly is the whole idea of lead generation –– how to drive people to all of your content.

[00:00:51] And Kirk has got some really good ideas through these five points. But first off, Kirk, why are you working on this? I mean, you’re the CEO of the company. Why don’t you tell everybody [00:01:00] why this is so important to your role here at ProudMouth? Kirk Lowe: [00:01:03] Yeah, one of my favorite things to do actually, and one of the things I care most about for our company here is us having an amazing product. So, I’m in product-development mode quite often and I enjoy being there. I would enjoy it more, I think probably, if we had more and more resources to implement and test, but we’re getting there. But we definitely don’t sleep on what we do right now. I know we can get better. I know we can get a lot better, to be honest.[00:01:33] So just, I think a big driver of that is actually really caring about our clients’ success. And not just our clients, but anybody that we’re talking to, right? Having lots of great stuff to share with you guys, with our listeners. And thank you for being here by the way. And it’s all about solving stuff. I love solving stuff, man. Matt: [00:01:52] You do. And your process for solving stuff is fascinating not only to me but also to the team. But where do we [00:02:00] begin with this? Kirk: [00:02:03] Did you say the process for solving stuff? Because that was funny. I had no idea I […]

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