7 Bathroom Trends to Give a Try in 2022, Recommended by 4 Experts

The full display of Toilet Paper Holders at the 2021 edition of Marta + Plant Paper’s ‘Under/Over (East)’ exhibition curated by Emmanuel Olunkwa in New York, NY. Photo: Sean Davidson New year, new bathroom. My 2022 mantra is a slightly different take on Paige Michalchuk from Degrassi ’s famous line: “New year, new look, new Paige.” For all the time that I regularly spend drooling over interior inspo , my own personal porcelain palace has left way too much to be desired. Exhausted by the ugly tiling and bland color scheme, amongst many other things, I resolved that my bathroom deserved a little facelift in the coming new year. One problem was where to begin—should I apply checkerboard-style flooring? A midcentury vanity mirror? Extra shelving for my extensive skincare collection? Ahead of getting in over my head with DIY projects , I decided to consult some of the foremost bathroom experts I know to ask how they see our lavatories shaping up for 2022. Minimalist color play

That involves removing any clutter and concentrating on a color scheme that evokes relaxation. Consider using an organizer for your serums, face washes, and razors to keep them out of sight and within reach.

“​​We are drawn to bathrooms that are conducive to complete calm, that are minimal and pared back. They are free of unnecessary objects or furniture that create distraction. Spaces that use a layering approach with a singular color but in varying tones throughout the room to ensure dimension and depth.”—Anna Fahey, cofounder of Baina Eco-friendly toilet paper

We’ve gotten to know toilet paper pretty well these past few years. Since we’ve collectively spent more time at home, we’ve had time to reconsider the options we’ve so easily reached for in the past. The new year means we’ll be more conscious of the environment and more likely to look at this necessity in a new way. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video WATCH Inside A $26,000,000 Japanese-Inspired Mansion Share Tweet Email More… EMBED URL

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Auto Bottom Top “We think you’ll see more and more people embrace bleach-free toilet paper in the bathroom. Bright white toilet paper has long been thought of as a sign of quality, but that’s beginning to change. The chemicals that go into conventionally made toilet paper—bleach and formaldehyde among them—poison our waterways and irritate our bodies. As people begin to grasp this, bright white toilet paper will begin to read like an unnatural, intrusive presence in the bathroom—a space that has itself become much more organic and thoughtful than in the past.”—Lee Reitelman, cofounder of PlantPaper Vintage-inspired fixtures […]

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