8 Nintendo GameCube games that need to come to Switch

The Nintendo GameCube is now 20 years old . It feels like only yesterday that I was lugging the purple cube around to my friends’ houses by its handle. It may not have been a sales monster like the Wii or Switch, but it’s a console that stirs fond memories of the early 2000s for myself and many others. It helped modernize 3D games, taking us out of the awkward transitional era we got with the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.

What makes the GameCube particularly memorable is its strong library of games. Its library is a collection of big hits and hidden gems from Nintendo and third-party studios. It was a creative outpouring during what would become regarded as a golden era for gaming. So why is it impossible to play so many of those hits today? Try to find your favorite GameCube game on Switch today and you’ll come up short. The best we’ve gotten so far is Super Mario Sunshine , which is no longer available on the system due to Super Mario 3D All-Stars ‘ baffling timed sales window.

It’s a bizarre decision, though one that’s par for the course for Nintendo. The system is lacking tons of classic games, from the Game Boy collection to the N64 libraries. But the total lack of GameCube love feels especially glaring considering how many standout gems the system produced. I’ve put together a list of eight games that should come to Nintendo Switch, but know that this is only scratching the surface. The GameCube library goes so deep that it would need a double-stuffed Classic edition of the Switch to contain them all. Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime is one of the most important Nintendo games of the past 20 years. It effectively resurrected Metroid from the dead after it skipped the N64 and turned it into one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises. Not only that, it revolutionized the first-person shooter genre by creating a game that was more focused on platforming and investigation. While Metroid Prime and its sequels were ported to the Wii (and available on the Wii U), none of those games are available on Switch. And that’s especially weird considering that Metroid Prime 4 will release on the console eventually. How are we supposed to catch up on the trilogy if there’s no way to play it easily? The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

When it was first announced, Wind Waker was instantly polarizing. Its cel-shaded art style caused an uproar as gamers demanded realistic graphics. Luckily, the peanut gallery was wrong, as Wind Waker is still the best-looking Zelda game out there. Nintendo gave the game a slick HD remaster in the Wii U days, adding some second-screen menu controls, but you can’t play it on Switch. In fact, you can’t play most 3D Zelda games on the system outside of Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild . Considering how many Wii U games have come to Switch, is it too much to ask that the […]

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