A study at the University of Kent identified a new Covid-19 therapy

Scientists at the University of Kent’s Faculty of Biological Sciences and the Goethe University’s Institute of Medical Viral Sciences (Frankfurt am Main) have identified benphooxythiamine, a new treatment that prevents SARS-CoV-2 replication.

All viruses, including the coronavirus, multiply by entering cells and reprogramming them to create new viruses.

It was found that cells infected with Covid-19 can create new coronaviruses only by activating the metabolic pentose phosphate pathway.

Benphooxythiamine, an inhibitor of this pathway, was found to interfere with SARS-CoV-2 replication with infected cells that did not produce the new virus.

In addition, scientists have discovered that this treatment enhances the antiviral activity of “2-deoxy-D-glucose” drugs that alter host cell metabolism and inhibit viral growth.

This means that inhibitors of the pentose phosphate pathway, such as benphooxythiamine, may be a promising therapeutic option for treating Covid-19 as monotherapy and in combination with other agents. Suggests.

Professor Martin Michaelis of the Kent Department of Life Sciences said:

“Because the development of resistance is a major problem in the treatment of viral diseases, it is very important to have treatments that use different targets, and further to develop the most effective treatments for Covid-19. I will provide you with hope. ”

The antiviral mechanism of benphooxythiamine differs from remdesivir, molnupiravir, and other Covid-19 treatments. As a result, viruses that are resistant to these treatments may be sensitive to benphooxythiamine.

“Targeting virus-induced changes in host cell metabolism is an attractive way to specifically disrupt the viral replication process,” said Zindrich Sinattle, a professor at the University of Goethe Frankfurt.

In March of this year, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of California, Delaware, the University of Germany, and the University of Merck participated. Identify compound, berzosertib , Showed the potential for treatment of Covid-19.

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