A two-story commercial home that replaces a small park in Daphne

Daphne, Alabama ( WKRG ) – A small park near Daphne City Hall has become the latest place for new developments in the city of Jubilee.

“Many years ago, people wanted to get into a small park in a small alley park. It’s underutilized,” said Mayor Robin Lejeon.

The Jubilee Courtyard on the main street of Old Town Daphne will soon be transformed into a retail space. A two-story building will be built and growth is expected in one of Baldwin County’s largest cities.

“We’re going to make a lot of investment in downtown. This is a great way for our Downtown Redevelopment Department. One of the things they are issuing is to bring retail space here. , They thought it was a great opportunity for them, “Le Jeune added.

The city council last week approved the rental of the park for the Downtown Redevelopment Authority. The bottom floor will be retail space and the second floor will be residential. Mayor Robin Lejeune says it’s too early to know what the building will look like, but city leaders will get better ideas in the coming months.

“Of course, we are watching carefully to make sure it meets the requirements of downtown and the aesthetics of our downtown area,” he continued.

The new Judicial Center, the new $ 3 million animal shelter, the Bayfront Park upgrade, including a new pier and amphitheater, and the Centennial Park renovation are all part of Daphne’s overall revitalization efforts.

“2021 was a great year for us. It’s a comprehensive playground, there’s a lot we can do and we’re very excited about Daphne’s future,” said Mayor Lejeune.

Currently, there is no time frame for when new retail development construction will begin. A two-story commercial home that replaces a small park in Daphne

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