ADM unveils global consumer trends for 2022 Resnick | | | Global forces, growing tensions, and the ongoing pandemic have continued to cause uncertainty as consumers try to establish a sense of normalcy, leading to a growing urgency for businesses to understand shifting expectations and behaviors. While no one can truly forecast the future, there are signals in the industry landscape that make it possible to anticipate what’s next.

ADM, a global leader in nutrition, has released its second annual report of global consumer trends. Based on proprietary in-depth research as well as a network of trend spotters and industry experts around the world, the company highlights and analyzes the key growth spaces poised for takeoff, helping customers stay competitive and plan for emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving marketplace.

The key drivers that reflect how consumer motivations are changing and the impacts for business and brands span from consumers connecting what they eat and how they feel, to aligning their spending more with like-minded companies. Below are three of the top consumer trends fueling global growth now and in the future that can help point the way for innovation, renovation, and development platforms. Nourishment for the Whole Self

Consumers want to be more proactive about supporting their mind and body through a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. While this is a long-term trend, the pandemic has placed renewed interest in supporting mental well-being, with many seeking more effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Wholesome nutrition is one important way consumers are looking to support their holistic well-being. In fact, ADM Outside Voice SM finds that 37% of global consumers expect the snacks they eat to improve their mental well-being. 1 Plant-based Lifestyles

A flexitarian approach to eating has become increasingly mainstream as consumers look to functional, wholesome, plant-based nutrition to support healthy, environmentally-friendlier lifestyles. COVID-19 has accelerated interest in plant-based and health-forward alternatives for consumers who are paying close attention to their body’s nutritional needs. In fact, it is expected that alternative proteins will very likely account for 11% of the total protein market in 2035 2

Food and beverage brands, in response, are broadening the landscape of nutrient-dense plant-based options for consumers, aiming to meet their growing demand for products that are sustainable, health and wellness-oriented and safe. Microbiome as the Root of Wellness

Awareness of the microbiome as central to wellness has grown over time. Data from ADM Outside Voice SM indicates that 58% of global consumers are aware of the potential benefits that bacteria in the digestive system can have on their overall health. 1

Today’s consumers are looking for foods, beverages and supplements that support gut health and overall well-being. Linked by consumers to immune function, aspects of metabolic health, and even mood, mental acuity and feeling energized, consumers’ approach to supporting a healthy gut is evolving from reactive (seeking foods to alleviate discomfort) to proactive (tailored and customized pre-, pro-, and postbiotic solutions), as they strive to achieve greater empowerment over their personal […]

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