Amazon Fire TV Omni Series Review

Amazon’ This week, the first TV to talk and operate without a remote control will be released. I’ve been testing the $ 830 Amazon Fire TV Omni series for a few days. It’s a good TV for money and Alexa is convenient, but the software interface doesn’t look as sharp as a 4K TV.

Amazon has traditionally sold Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cube that connect to existing sets, or partnered with other device makers that integrate Fire TV software. The remote control usually has buttons that allow you to use Alexa to control your TV. However, in the Omni series, Amazon will deploy the Alexa Assistant directly on the TV.

Amazon’s Jason Parrish, who led the product management of Omni-series TVs, aims to watch TV, listen to music, and interact with our smart homes. According to Parrish, the high-end omni series has generated about two-thirds of all Amazon TV pre-orders and is more popular than the more affordable four series so far, Amazon fans say. He seems to like ideas. On their TV.

Amazon makes most of its money from the AWS cloud business and is well known as an online retailer. But hardware, from tablets to e-readers to smart speakers, can help guide people directly to storefronts and the ecosystem of advertising and services.

I’ve tested a 65-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV, but there’s also a low-end, cheaper TV called the 4 Series. This is from $ 370.

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