AMD Ryzen APU gets free performance boost on Linux 5.16, up to 28% improvement

The latest Linux 5.16 kernel has brought significant performance improvements to AMD Ryzen APU owners. It is shown as follows: Foronics .. AMD Ryzen APU performance up to 28% better with Linux 5.16 kernel

Phoronix has published a set of benchmarks for the recently released Linux 5.16 kernel, which seems to be hospitalized by AMD’s Ryzen APU users. Performance benchmarks were performed on AMD’s Ryzen 7 Pro 5850U and Ryzen 5 5500, based on the Zen 3 and Zen 2 architectures, respectively.

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Using different versions of the Linux kernel, we compared the improvements between generations and did the following: Linux 5.11 + Mesa 21.0.3

Linux 5.15.10 + Mesa 21.0.3

Linux 5.15.10 + Mesa 21.2.6

Linux 5.15.10 + Mesa 21.3.2

Linux 5.15.10 + Mesa 22.0-dev

Linux 5.16 + Mesa 22.0-dev

The biggest performance improvement is seen in Xonotic 0.8.2, which is 28% better than Linux 5.15.10 running in the Mesa 22.0 build. The overall performance improvement is about 5-10%, which is a solid upgrade for users running notebooks on AMD Ryzen APU. Other laptops with the Ryzen 5 5500U also achieved excellent performance gains with GLmark 2 and Xonotic gains up to 14%, generally 7% on average. This improvement in Linux 5.16 was fascinating and unexpected. Linux 5.16 has many new features Includes improvements to the AMD GPU kernel driver, but this Radeon Vega graphics boost was surprising as there were no announced optimizations and Vega graphics support at this stage is quite mature. It could also be a combination of CPU related improvements and Linux 5.16. AMD Ryzen 5500 Notebook APU is benchmarked with the Linux 5.16 kernel. (Image credit: Phoronix) This is definitely great news for AMD Ryzen APU notebook owners, and it only benefits, so it seems worth upgrading to the latest Linux 5.16 kernel. There are benchmarks that don’t improve performance significantly, but overall, it’s a win-win situation for Ryzen owners, as it’s not slowing down compared to previous Linux kernels. A stable release of the Linux 5.16 kernel will be released on January 9th. AMD Ryzen APU gets free performance boost on Linux 5.16, up to 28% improvement

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