Analog Devices clinical grade AFE measures four vital signs of a remote patient monitoring device-

The MAX86178 features synchronized ECG (ECG), heart rate, SpO2, and respiratory rate measurements.

Analog Devices, Inc. Simplifies the design of wearable remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices by measuring four vital signs with one of the MAX86178 Triple System Vital Signs Analog Front End (AFE). This single-chip AFE integrates three measurement systems (optics, ECG). Obtain four common vital signs: electrocardiography (ECG or EKG), heart rate (ECG or optical PPG), blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), and respiratory rate (using BioZ). The MAX86178 enables synchronized optical PPG and ECG timing for derived health metrics.

Medical device designers are keen to reduce annual health spending by replacing office-based health monitoring systems with smaller, lower-power wireless devices that are carefully and continuously worn at home and in the office. It is working. The MAX86178 Triple System AFE integrates three clinical grade subsystems into one IC, with an optical PPG subsystem for measuring heart rate and a single-lead ECG subsystem, SpO2, as well as biopotential and bioimpedance. By integrating, it replaces a separate implementation (BioZ) A subsystem that measures respiratory rate. Combining these multiple features in a 2.6mm x 2.8mm package enables small vital signs devices.

In addition, next-generation wearable RPMs need to operate at low power to allow for smaller batteries or extend battery life to allow for more convenient charging requirements. To enable ultra-low power features, the MAX86178 provides each subsystem with configurable options to optimize battery life for specific use cases.

“By integrating three healthcare subsystems into one silicon, Analog Devices builds on that DNA and offers this sensor fusion product,” said Maxim Integrated, which is now part of analog. Andrewbert, Executive Business Manager, Ted®’s Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit, said. device. “This AFE is resonating with the medical community as it offers new possibilities for managing chronic diseases, diagnosing infectious diseases, and remote monitoring. The MAX86178 provides health care by keeping people away from hospitals. It enables a small body-worn device that can be improved and reduced in cost. “

In addition, Analog Devices offers MAX20343 buck-boost regulators and MAX20360 power management ICs as optimized power solutions for the MAX86178.

MAX86178 Triple System Vital Signs Features and Benefits of AFE Small: Replaces medical facility grade surveillance systems with body wearable devices

Simplified design: Integrating and synchronizing three different measurement systems to measure four vital signs simplifies the design and allows for more complex differential vital sign monitoring.

availability product availability Packaging MAX86178 now 2.6mm x 2.8mm WLP package MAX86178EVKIT # now Not applicable

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