Another sign that Apple AR / VR headsets are coming soon

at this point, Apple AR / VR headset It is in progress, even if it has not been officially confirmed. I got another big hint that it can happen faster than the device boots slower.

According to his latest Mark Gurman Power on In the newsletter, Apple hired Andrea Schubert from Meta (formerly known as Facebook). It may not be of much interest until you hear that Schubert is responsible for Meta’s augmented reality communication and public relations. Taken together, the appointment seems to be related to the advent of new Apple hardware. Previous rumors The headset suggests that it will debut at some point in 2022. VR plus AR

At this time, there are some uncertainties around this headset that are reported to be manufactured by Apple. As a self-contained virtual reality (VR) device, Oculus Quest 2 , Everything you see is computer generated. But we saw Lots of suggestions The hardware also supports augmented reality (AR). This is a digital graphic overlaid in the real world. Not only is it scheduled for release in 2022, but as expected, it sounds like the device is running a custom Apple chip. But this is a separate device from the lighter AR spec that Apple is. Rumored to be working , In the style of Google Glass. These glasses are said to be released after the main VR / AR headset, perhaps at some point in 2023. Analysis: Apple’s next big product category

(Image credit: TechRadar) It may seem a little difficult to get new employees to launch hardware, but after all, people are constantly changing jobs and roles, but behind the rumors of Apple AR / VR headsets. Given the momentum, Andrea Schubert cannot be appointed to Apple’s rank. Seems to say. Of course, the device will not be confirmed by Apple until the release date, but it is recorded by CEO Tim Cook. All AR love .. Cook believes this technology can “amplify human performance,” and augmented reality features have been added to the iPhone and iPad in recent years. And Cook Reportably enthusiastic Oversee the introduction of another major new product category before he gives up Apple’s reins. A safe bet on that product has to do with AR and VR, but you can probably get decent odds by being an Apple Car as well. Apple last launched a completely new and separate product in April 2015. Apple Watch .. All the signs are that 2022 could be the year of the next expansion at Apple. Another sign that Apple AR / VR headsets are coming soon

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