Apple and Google succumb to pressure on Russia to remove TechCrunch, the Kremlin critic’s strategic voting app

Apple and Google have removed the strategic voting app created by Alexei Navalny, an organization of imprisoned Kremlin critics, from their respective mobile app stores in Russia.

Earlier this week Reuters Russian states have reported increasing pressure on foreign tech giants prior to federal elections. He diverted the term “election interference” to urge US companies to censor prominent political opponents against President Putin.

on twitter Today, Navalny’s major ally, Ivan Zhdanov, tweeted that his organization is considering suing Apple and Google for the removal of the app. The act of censorship is called a “big mistake.”

Zhdanov too Release What he says is Apple’s reaction to Team Nawarney. The tech giant cites the Kremlin classifying many pro-Navalny organizations as a “radical” group to justify the removal of the software.

Apple and Google routinely say they comply with “all local laws” in the countries in which they operate.

But in Russia, that stance means they are involved in the act of political censorship.

“Note that the Public Prosecution Service of the Russian Federation and the Moscow City Prosecution Service have also determined that the app violates the laws of the Russian Federation by allowing it to interfere with the elections,” Apple said in a deletion notice sent. Write. Developer of strategic voting app.

“The app has been removed from the Russian App Store, but will continue to be available in other regional App Stores selected with App Store Connect,” Apple adds.

We’re asking Apple and Google to comment on removing Navalny’s app. Формальное основание удаления приложений: признание ФБКэкстремистской организацией.
То, как ФБ Кпризнавалиэкстремистской организацией – былонесудом, аиздевательствомна дздра @Google @Apple совершаю тогром нуюошибку. — Ivan Zhdanov (@ioannZH) September 17, 2021 Also via Twitter, Zhdanov urged his supporters to focus on his strategic voting mission — tweeting a link to video Hosted on Google-owned YouTube, it contains recommendations for Russians on how to vote against Putin in parliamentary elections from today to Sunday.

Navalny’s supporters cast tactical ballots to dismiss Putin by mobilizing voters across Russia to vote for the candidates most likely to defeat the ruling United Russia party. I want

In their strategic voting strategy Faced with some criticism — Given that many of the proposed alternatives, at best, are very weakly opposed to the Putin administration.

However, Navalny’s proponents will certainly point out that they must operate within a defective system.
Last month, the Russian state attempted to block access to his organization’s website after Apple and Google first refused to remove Navalny’s “Smart Voting” app.I also have it Targeted Google Docs reportedly — Navalny supporters also use it to organize their strategic voting efforts. Screenshots of the smart voting app on the UK iOS app store (image credit: Natasha Lomas / TechCrunch) Early this month Reuters Russian communications regulator Roscomnadzor has reported threatening to fine Apple and Google for not removing the Smart Voting app.Russia push Apple and Google also reported that they were summoned to a federal meeting on the eve of the election as the Putin administration tried to force them into anti-democratic bids.According to the […]

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