Apple Watch Series 7 Review: The bigger the better

With every new Apple product announced, the biggest question that comes up on social networks and blogs is whether it’s worth upgrading the latest product. Make a decision by comparing the difference between the spec sheet and the function with the previous model. Most of the time, these comparisons are made against last year’s model, so it’s very difficult for most people to justify spending more on Apple gear. And of course it is.

Looking at the Apple Watch Series 7, it’s easy to write down as a minimal upgrade compared to last year’s Series 6. The main difference is in the Series 7, which has a larger display and faster charging, and that’s it. that.

That’s the idea that we started testing Series 7 about two weeks ago. And for the first few days, I discussed whether I should cancel my Series 7 order and return to using Series 6 while sitting at my desk. favorite


Whether it’s replying to a message or tracking a workout, the longer you spend using Series 7 on a daily basis, the more you’re grateful for the small changes that have a big impact on your overall experience. Minimal but noticeable design changes

The Modular Duo watch face has plenty of space to provide enough information. Jason Cipriani / ZDNet
The overall design of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed significantly since it was announced in 2014. The square design with rounded edges is just larger in size, with very subtle design tweaks. That tradition continues in Series 7, but it’s definitely on a larger scale.

Apple has increased the size of the Apple Watch from 40mm and 44mm in Series 6 to 41mm and 45mm in Series 7, respectively. The 1mm size difference between the two models means that the screen size is 20 completely larger than last time.50% increase compared to the year model, or
Apple Watch Series 3

Most of the size increase was brought about by shrinking the bezel that surrounds the screen, including the new rounded edges of the watch face itself. You can actually see the Apple Watch from the side, check the downward slope of the screen, and read the contents of the screen.

A legitimate question that Apple Watch owners ask when Apple resizes a smartwatch is whether the existing watch band fits the model. The answer is yes. If you have a watch band that fits your smaller model, it will work with the 41mm Series 7. It also works with the 45mm Series 7 even if you have a large Apple Watch model band.

Also, new colors have been added this year. There are a total of five aluminum color options: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and (Product) RED.

Apple sent me a sample of Blue for review, so I ordered the Midnight option for personal use. Even the standard colors we’ve come to expect from Apple are slightly different. For example, silver has been replaced by starlight, a mixture of gold and silver. More champagne, right? Midnight […]

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