Apple working on features like OnStar calling police in a car accident

Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone and Apple Watch feature that will detect if you’ve had a car accident and automatically dial the 911.According to the current plan is to roll out such a feature next year The Wall Street Journal ..

Google’s personal safety app on Pixel smartphones Already included Similar to modern car connected car services, such as GM’s OnStar, Subaru’s Starlink, and Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect, the ability to seek help when a car collision is detected. Many cars on the road today aren’t equipped with connectivity, so getting a crash detection on your iPhone is an accident for more drivers as long as they’re in your pocket or mounted on your dashboard. It means that you can get the support you need.

Increasing use of unsafe smartphones in the car has given way to integrated systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto. Nearly 80% of new cars According to Apple, in 2020. May be enhanced by incorporating a new crash detection feature on the iPhone along with CarPlay Apple’s rumored “Iron Heart” project Connect your phone to your car settings in the same way HomeKit controls your smart speakers and lights.Annual target $ 2 Billion Revenue Source It’s very important for Apple to have GM deploy OnStar with built-in capabilities.

Apple accident detection It doesn’t always work as intended In the past, the company has been for years Collect data and analysis Voluntary iOS and watchOS users. Not to mention people falling, it’s still unclear how accurately Apple can detect car accidents. In my personal experience, the device was ready to call emergency service until February 2020, when I fell off a scooter with an Apple Watch Series 4 and tapped the “I’m OK” button. But after a recent fall, my Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t provide any assistance. Apple working on features like OnStar calling police in a car accident

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