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this thing A very difficult earphone review is that the two sets of ears are not exactly the same. The two ears are not exactly the same period. As someone who feels pain from using the wrong set for a long time, you can understand the importance of finding the right pair.

I was worried when Beats Fit Pro first leaked. In terms of design, it looks like the Studio Buds released by an Apple subsidiary in the summer, but there’s one big difference. It’s a wing. Wings, tip, eartips, fins, no matter what you call them, I hate them. In fact, I react visceral to their appearance — a strange little pointed thing that you intend to choke on your ears.

Now, I admit that much of this is a takeover from testing training headphones a few years ago. At that time, the wings were, on the downside, made of hard plastic that was as sharp as it looked. And from a stability standpoint, for example, you can understand how such a function works in the long run, but unless absolutely necessary, in or near sensitive parts of the body. I try not to put sharp objects on it.

Despite my first hesitation, I’m happy to report that my concerns have been exaggerated. Fit Pros are comfortable. Surprisingly so. The buds themselves are fairly small, and the eartips add wingspan to the design. It’s the same as Powerbeats Pro in that respect, but with significantly less plastic to perform tasks. The key to the success of the hint is its size and shape, and equally important is the fact that the silicone from which they are made is malleable. In other words, it keeps things stationary without digging into the surrounding cartilage.

It’s far from the most comfortable earphone I’ve tested. To be honest, the difference is probably in their older siblings, Powerbeats Pro. Its design is large and a bit cumbersome, but the over-the-ear replaces the weight and pressure of the buds. The Fit Pro weighs only 11.2 grams, but can be worn for extended periods of time.

They also do a good job of keeping things right. I recently started running again and have tried all kinds of earphones (with limited success). When considering fixing headphones during a workout, we tend to (of course) focus on body movements. What we tend to ignore is how it combines with sweat, making it difficult to keep the buds in place and groping to adjust them. Image credit: Brian heater The Fit Pro outperformed any other recent vintage bud in this regard. If you’re mainly looking for a pair of gym buds, these are (so to speak) hard to beat. The wing tip meets the bud and forms a physical button. It is designed to push the end farthest from the tip. Pressing in the middle puts more pressure on your ears. Press once to play / pause / answer the call, press twice to skip the track forward, press three times to return, […]

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