Boris Johnson and Minister Violated Security Guidance on Private Messages “On an Industrial Scale”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and three ministers have been accused of repeatedly violating their own national security guidance on using personal email accounts and mobile phones for government operations.

In the blog post, the campaign group Good Law Project (GLP) Said In 2019, the Minister issued the “Government Business Security Policy”. It explicitly banned the minister’s use of private mail and personal communication devices for public affairs.

The advisory warned that the minister’s personal mobile phones and emails are vulnerable to attacks from threat actors and should not be used.

Despite that policy, Boris Johnson and three of his ministers (Matt Hancock, Sir Bethel, and Greg Hands) continued to use private messaging accounts and communication devices for “unknown reasons.” ..

“We don’t understand what is the reason for violating this policy with additional risks to government and national security … although we can think of many bad things.” Said GLP.

He said the security advisory breach was “industrial scale.”

Last week, a government lawyer searched Campaign Group for (now former) Sir Bethel’s personal email using keywords related to the Covid-19 contract and found 18,000 to 36,000 separate document hits. I confirmed that.

We couldn’t confirm the exact number of emails because the government refused to do a detailed search or investigate the contents of the emails.

In early July, a government lawyer told GLP that some of Sir Bethel’s communications took place via WhatsApp and text messages held only on his private mobile.

When a GLP lawyer requested that these messages be retrieved, Bethel’s phone was said to be broken and the records could not be accessed. GLP then received a letter from a government lawyer stating that the minister’s private cell phone was handed over to his family after the minister upgraded to a new one.

Sir Bethel lost his position in a cabinet reshuffle last week.

In a judicial review, GLP challenged multiple government contracts worth £ 87.5m to plan, prepare, and provide home testing for Covid antibodies.

The contract was signed in April 2020 between the Ministry of Health and the Social Welfare Consortium, led by Abingdon Health.The latest accusations against the minister will come later Times Boris Johnson reported last month that it was “likely” Discussed a deal to sell a Newcastle United football club In a private message to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.Sir James Dyson, a British billionaire, sent a text message to Johnson about the tax incentives for his staff coming to the UK to supply ventilation in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic. It is also said to have been.Details were revealed as part of another legal process filed against the government by the nonprofit The Citizens and the campaign group Foxglove.Campaigners are concerned that the minister may use messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal for official communication and later delete those messages.They argue that the use of self-deleting messages is not transparent and poses an “urgent threat to the future of democratic accountability and public records.”In June, the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports allowed the minister to […]

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