BTS’s Jimin trends worldwide as he captivates hearts with his speech and impeccable performance at the United Nations General Assembly

USER CONTENT The much-anticipated speech by BTS at the #UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) following their appointment by South Korea’s President as special presidential envoys for future generations and culture has finally been delivered. The live streaming event started at 9:00 pm KST on September 20, and shortly after, the members took the stage. All members took turns giving their speeches, and as usual, Jimin ‘s words and delivery were so heartwarming and impactful.

Jimin’s speech primarily touched on issues to do with the youth, health, the future, and hope. He perfectly expressed the emotions that all of the youth must have felt over the past two years, such as the frustration of not being able to attend important life events like graduation and entrance ceremonies. Even more, the youth is the prime time of an individual’s life, a time when people take on new challenges and find their footing in the world. It was tough to stay still during this period, but the pandemic changed everything and kind of took us to a parallel universe, where we were all required to remain still. Despite the fact that there was no one to blame for the situation, it was still difficult to deal with it. Jimin however asserts that even with the change in circumstances that made things harder to do, all is not lost. He gives examples of kids trying to learn new things and make new friends to find new courage and take on new challenges rather than being lost. Therefore, there is still hope for the future, even with the new normal. Aside from his powerful words, there was something else that melted the hearts of fans even more. As he was delivering his speech, Jimin took some time to compose himself, possibly due to nerves, and then proceeded to finish his speech perfectly. Fans took this as a learning point, to show that it is okay to take a breather every now and then in whatever situation, to put yourself in the right headspace to keep going. Jimin never fails to amaze fans with how he is so relatable to everyone, despite being such a high-profile individual. Even so, Jimin was able to deliver his entire speech in such a relatable and powerful manner. After the speech, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, Amina J. Mohamed, was seen to be giving a fist bump to Jimin, possibly assuring him that he did well despite being so nervous. A similar moment was captured with yet another member of the General Assembly as well. Fans absolutely loved and were moved by the speech. They expressed their love and admiration for him and for the delivery of his speech so well, like a true diplomat. After the speech came the performance of the group’s latest single, ‘Permission to Dance.’ Once again, Jimin did not disappoint one bit. His vocals were on point, and his expressions and moves could not have been better. His visuals were unmatched as well, with black […]

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