Camera Everywhere AI Intelligence, Market Trends And Smarter AI Hold Much Promise

An intelligent car getty Introduction

This article discusses the global AI camera market, explores different camera use cases, highlights the innovations in the logistics and transportation industry, and includes recent interview highlights from, Chris Piche, CEO of Smarter AI, a company that has a compelling product platform and ecosystem community vision beyond many of the market incumbent players. In a nutshell, in my late December, 2021 interview with Chris Piche, CEO of Smarter AI, he described his company as “ the leader in AI cameras and enablement software. Smarter AI software-defined cameras program AI-like apps on a phone and are supported by AI Store, our ecosystem of AI models and developers, to scale AI camera use cases .” The Las Vegas company, with offices in Singapore and in Dubai, has recently secured its Series A financing of over $30M to advance its scale-up enablement needs, and from all early signals, Smarter AI is heading in the right direction.

Market Dynamics

The global smarter camera market, according to BlueWeave Consulting, the market was worth USD $7.4 billion in 2020 and is further projected to reach USD $33.3 billion by the year 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.0% in the forecast period.

What is very exciting about the AI intelligent camera market is that this market uses so many diverse technologies to create new capabilities leveraging: computer vision, image recognition, machine learning, deep learning, speech and voice recognition technologies. These methods are further augmented by data scientists and computer engineering specialists to build smarter AI models that can also can be added into a Smart AI model Store, or community ecosystem to solve different business use cases – as the world continues to decompose business problems faster and faster using these advanced methods.

These intelligent cameras solve so many business challenges ranging from: driving assistance systems, accident reconstruction intelligence to security surveillance cameras for preventing crimes at retail stores, or providing increased security in residences. The AI smarter camera technology can capture everything around it the landscape, the intensity of light, the decomposition of every section of the image for precise classifications, the timing of the footprint, as well as situational awareness, sound /noise detection, even the gait of the person walking around a vehicle can provide health intelligence – the possibilities for breakthrough innovations are enormous.

AI-enabled cameras have been for some time enabling law enforcement agencies to identify any unwanted activity and prevent crimes. At the same time, there is growing concern from many public channels on creating a surveillance driven world, where humans no longer have the right to be invisible, unseen or even unknown. All these dynamics are putting increased strain on policy, ethics and governance regulators, as well as challenging legal legislators to create a more balanced technology and human interface world.

Smartphone manufacturers are embedding AI technology in their devices to recognize images. For example, Google’s latest Pixel 6 camera now comes embedded with automated tools, such as smart blurs, object removal, skin tone exposure, and much more. […]

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