3D printed “living ink” can lead to self-healing of buildings

Don’t worry about 3D printed organs. Ultimately, the material may have its own lifespan. Scientists report developing “living inks” that can be used to print similarly living materials that can be used to create 3D structures. The team genetically engineered cells from E. coli and other microorganisms to create live nanofibers, bundled those fibers, and added other materials to create inks that could be used with standard 3D printers.

Researchers have tried to produce biomaterials, but it has been difficult to adapt them to the intended 3D structure. Here it wasn’t a problem. Scientists have created one material that releases antineoplastics when triggered by chemicals, and another material has removed the toxin BPA from the environment. The design can also be tailored to suit other tasks.

Actual use may still be in several ways. For example, it is not yet clear how to mass produce ink. However, it may go beyond immediate medical and pollution control efforts. The creator imagined a self-organizing material for a building to be repaired by himself, or a building on the Moon and Mars that could reduce the need for resources from Earth. Inks can even be manufactured themselves in the right circumstances. You may only need a few basic resources to make what you need.

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The 14-inch MacBook Pro is finally discounted on this Black Friday

Thanks to this amazing Krc, you can get an M1-Pro, a 14-inch MacBook Pro for £ 1709.10. Black friday handle.

The deal is currently in effect and offers buyers a solid £ 189.90 discount on the regular £ 1899 price of the M1 Pro, a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

We recommend the buyer you want to pick up New MacBook Pro Apple products, especially this new product, rarely get such good discounts, so take advantage of trading early rather than later.

MacBook Pro M1 Pro is finally discounted

With this amazing Krcs Black Friday deal, you can get an Apple MacBook Pro with a 14-inch M1 Pro for £ 189.90 off.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro was announced in October and is the first of Apple’s top-end laptop lines to run using the company’s homemade M1 Pro chipset. Chipsets are sold by Apple as one of the “most powerful” bits of silicon in the MacBook, and there’s plenty to support this claim on paper.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is aimed at power users, coders, and creatives who need a laptop with extremely powerful performance. The specifications offered in this transaction are also very premium. In this configuration, the M1 Pro is paired with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal SSD storage.

This combination means that your laptop will run through everything from 4K video editing to hardcore 3D modeling and CAD design. MacBook Pro M1 Pro is finally discounted The 14-inch MacBook Pro is one of many Apple products that receive unexpected discounts on this Black Friday. Since the beginning of the annual Deal Festival, Apple Airpods, M1 iMacs, and numerous iPhones have seen decent discounts.

We look forward to even more great discounts over the weekend and next week’s Cyber ​​Monday.Our team of product experts has checked and carefully selected all major and reliable stores Black Friday deals in real time.


Hey, trainer!These early Cyber ​​Monday Pokemon deals are a real catch

In the United States, various Pokemon games such as New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Sword are discounted. Up to $ 49.94 At Wal-Mart, you can get a variety of accessories and merchandise using the links below.

In the UK, Very has a Nintendo Switch OLED bundle that includes both Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls. For £ 389.97 (Save £ 10), and the limited edition Pokemon Nintendo Switch Light is surprisingly still in stock in Argos For £ 199.99 ..

You can also get a Nintendo Switch neon model with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 3 months Nintendo Switch Online, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and get a free carry case For £ 309.99 .. If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch OLED model, you can get Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds For £ 359.99 With a free carry case. Best Pokemon Early Cyber ​​Monday Deals Today (USA)

Best Pokemon Early Cyber ​​Monday Deals Today (UK)

Other Pokemon Deals

No matter where you live, you will find all the lowest prices for Pokemon games from around the web here, and there are offers available in your area. Earlier Cyber ​​Monday deals


Samsung Odyssey G9 Cyber ​​Monday Deal 2021: Lowest Price Now

High-end gaming monitors promise great demand for shopping-listed PC gamers and 49-inch PC gamers. Samsung Odyssey G9, Cyber ​​Monday Big Discount $ 500, It may just be a ticket for your favorite gamer, or for yourself. 31% off regular price, Cyber ​​Monday deals With such high demand, if you want to get a game monitor, this is one of the best deals around. Game monitors in this class tend to sell out quickly, so jump as much as you can.

Reason to buy: QLED display and Infinity Core lighting.

Wide curve monitor.

240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

Compatibility between Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro.

Samsung Best game monitor In business, choosing the best can be difficult, but brands like Samsung have a solid reputation for high quality. Competitive gamers shouldn’t hesitate to buy the Odyssey G9 49-inch gaming monitor for $ 1,100. This is a significant discount from the original price of $ 1,600 to $ 500.

Gamers are hooked on this monitor’s 1ms response time, with no delay between the controller and on-screen actions. The 240Hz refresh rate leverages the performance of high-end PCs for a smooth gaming experience. The Odyssey G9 supports Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro, avoiding frustrating ghosting and tearing issues with all types of graphics cards. With the monitor’s Infinity Core lighting, you can customize the overall atmosphere to fit your space.

The 49-inch curved ultra-wide, 1440p display offers a unique level of immersiveness and field of view. All details are very clear and can be identified in any game. The QLED screen is incredibly sharp and vibrant, using the same technology that makes Samsung one of Samsung. Best TV brand .. The 2500: 1 contrast ratio provides the deepest black in both games and video, enhancing all display and action on the screen.

The Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor is one of the best large gaming monitors available at this huge discounted price. Samsung offers this prestigious 49-inch display for just $ 1,100. $ 500 off the original price ..If this sounds like an ideal monitor for your gaming rig, now[今すぐ購入]Push the button. When will this Samsung Odyssey G9 Cyber ​​Monday transaction close?

Samsung has announced that the selling price of this item will be extended until November 29th, but don’t wait until the very end. Samsung has no restrictions on sales from the supply side, but if this popular item is sold out and the supply runs out before the specified date, you will be out of luck. I don’t know what the demand will be, but it’s one of the best monitors for immersive gaming, thanks to its ultra-high 240Hz refresh rate, immersive curved display, and crisp QLED screen. If you or your loved one wants the best gaming experience, this may be your best and last chance to get the best display at a big discount of $ 500. This significant discount makes it much less likely to last very long. We strive to help our readers find […]


There are four variations in the Realme 9 series

Realme is preparing to introduce the next big thing in the midrange segment in the form of the Realme 9 series. Unlike the previous year when the company launched the second generation in this lineup, the company has skipped the launch of Realme 9 for some time. The lineup of devices was rumored to be available in October this year, but at the Realme 8s and 8i launch events, the company confirmed that it will be available in 2022 instead of 2021.

Realme CMO Francis Wong said in a tweet that the company needs to change its roadmap as the global chip shortage continues. Currently, according to the latest developments reported by 91Mobiles, the Realme 9 series will be available early next year, with four smartphones.

Realme has already confirmed that the Realme 9 series will be available in 2022. The 91mobiles report, citing tipster Mukul Sharma, claims that these smartphones will hit the market in February 2022. The report states that the company will offer Realme 9, 9 Pro, 9 Pro + / Max, and 9i. The company will probably hold two different events to launch a complete roster of smartphones. Realme 9 Pro + brings Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC

Realme 9 and Realme 9 Pro should bring the usual specifications of the midrange division, but 9 Pro + / Max may be more attractive. Realme 9 Pro passed the IMEI database with the RMX3393 model number. Similarly, the Realme 9i and Realme 9 Pro Plus with model numbers have passed EEC certification along with their next flagship product, the Realme GT 2 Pro. Therefore, we can conclude that Realme is already preparing for a global release.

It’s natural to see Realme bring new mid-range smartphones. After all, the Redmi Note 11 series is already available in China and, if disguised, should reach the global market soon. The Note series is currently the number one competitor for Realme numbered smartphones.

So far, I haven’t said much about the future smartphone family. According to 91mobiles, 9 Pro Plus will play in the flagship segment. This offers a lower price for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC, plus an AMOLED display and 108MP camera setup. We expect that details will be revealed in the future. There are four variations in the Realme 9 series


PS5 Black Friday Deals: Biggest Game Discounts

Black friday Is in full swing, and huge transactions are being made in games for PS5.

So, whether you’re a long-time game series fan or just crazy about some new games on this side of Christmas, check out the summary below. FIFA 22

The price of FIFA 22 for PlayStation 5 has dropped significantly.

For all football enthusiasts, FIFA 22 has significantly reduced the price of Black Friday and is now only £ 48.99.

The PS5 version of FIFA 22 takes advantage of cool features such as HyperSense player movements that provide more fluid and realistic movements. You can also turn your teeth to the new Create A Club mode in Career Mode and older favorites such as Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. Hitman 3

Get Hitman 3 on PS5 for only £ 25 on this sneaky Black Friday deal Hitman 3 is a great game and you can buy it for just £ 25 for half the price of the PS5’s regular £ 49.99 RRP on this great Black Friday deal.

As the final episode of the series, the Hitman 3 story offers some closures to this new trilogy, along with some gorgeous graphics and different locations. You can also find a variety of traditional murder methods, such as following a mission story or becoming a villain with a shuriken as a clown. Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is only £ 29.99 on this huge Black Friday deal Everyone’s favorite Marvel Misfit is back with a new title. Guardians of the Galaxy looks very fun with a fascinating story, gorgeous graphics, and overall pretty fun gameplay. With this amazing combination of features, branded with a score of 4/5 in game reviews, it’s called one of the best Marvel games ever, and well worth the replay. Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Check out this incredible Ghost Of Tsushima director’s Cut Black Friday deal If you’re looking for a huge action-adventure title that’s a true classic for the PS4 era and has been significantly updated for the PS5, Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut is for you. You’ll find a gorgeous open world with all the useful creature comforts of a PS5 upgrade, including brand new island expansion, great stories, short load times via DualSense controllers and tactile feedback. Deathloop

Save £ 30 on PS5 Deathloop with this brilliant Black Friday deal Compared to other recent AAA titles, Deathloop has been rated as one of the best games of 2021 due to its fun gameplay and overall refreshing experience, as well as its fun time hopping mechanism. In the game review, give a 4.5 star rating, “ One of the most innovative games by major publishers ” What we have ever played. Assassin’s Creed Valhara

Get Assassin’s Creed Valhara for just £ 22.99 on this Black Friday deal For fans of the Assassin’s Creed series, AC Valhalla is available at a bargain price, giving fans of the series the opportunity to participate in more RPG-type gameplay. It features fun hand-to-hand combat, […]


India says it will not pre-order Starlink until it gets a license

India has instructed the public not to pre-order Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite-based Internet service. Reuters .. As the report points out, the Government of India states that it needs to obtain a license to do business in the country before it can start rolling out its services. Therefore, the Government of India has urged the company to comply with India’s regulatory framework for providing satellite-based communications services and not to immediately book / provide satellite Internet services in India. “People are advised not to subscribe to the advertised Starlink service,” read a tweet from the Telecommunications Bureau (DoT) in India. DoT also said it asked Starlink to refrain from “booking / providing satellite Internet services in India.” In other words, Starlink needs to put the pre-order on hold until it gets the approval of the Government of India.

Starlink faced scrutiny from the Indian government in April when DoT began investigating whether the beta deployment of Starlink broke any of India’s telecommunications laws (” Economic Times ).As pointed out by Economic Times The DoT move is driving DoT to stop pre-sale of Starlink devices without a license by the Broadband India Forum (BIF), an independent policy forum representing big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. It all started with what I did.

Reuters state Starlink has already received over 5,000 pre-orders since it officially registered its business in India on November 1st. Nothing is said about whether the existing pre-order will be canceled or if the customer has to wait a little longer. Starlink plans to deploy 200,000 devices in India by 2022, 80% of which will be located in rural areas ( Reuters ).

As reported earlier this month, Starlink currently has approximately 140,000 beta users in 20 countries. PCMag ..Musk Over 500,000 Starlink customers Within next year. India says it will not pre-order Starlink until it gets a license


Save £ 140 on Samsung Galaxy S20FE with this amazing Cyber ​​Monday phone transaction

We’ve seen phones that are £ 2 cheaper so far. Therefore, if you have been waiting for your device for a long time, you may be alert.

(Are you in the UK? Scroll down to see the deals in your area). Best Samsung Galaxy S20FE Trading Today

The Samsung Galaxy S20FE has adopted some of the key specifications of the S20, but was offered at a more affordable price.

The phone has a top-end processor (which was on board in 2020), a great camera, and a nice-looking screen. The downgrade was done in the design department, but the review evaluated how colorful it was.

We were expecting Galaxy S21 FE In 2021, but apparently due to a lack of components, one did not happen, so there is no new version of the device. More Samsung Phone Deals

No matter where you live, the lowest prices for all Galaxy S20 FE and other Samsung phones are available here on the web and there are offers available in your area. Other Cyber ​​Monday deals

Christmas decorations: From £ 8.99 on Amazon


Colorado Medical Center Hosts Humanoid Robot Test Run

TRU Community Care in Lafayette, Colorado hosted the announcement of a whole new technology in the medical field, a humanoid robot capable of performing basic medical tasks. A remote-controlled humanoid robot, BEOMNI, pushed a drug cart into the hall next to Dr. David Wensel, Chief Medical Officer of TRU Community Care, during a demonstration at Lafayette’s TRU PACE Center on Friday. (Matthew Jonas, Daily Camera) Beyond Imagination, an AI company based in Colorado Springs, visited the Lafayette Hospice Center to test a robot named BEOMNI.

“We are excited that TRU has recognized the almost endless possibilities of humanoid robots in healthcare and has agreed to carry out this first pilot study with us. Marketing highly effective solutions We look forward to partnering with them to provide them to, “said inventor and CEO Dr. Harry Kloor.

Robots are remotely controlled using VR technology, allowing doctors and professionals to see patients miles away. However, the physical presence of robotic assist devices such as BEOMNI can bridge the gaps that exist in current telemedicine technologies, such as physically touching patients and providing care to them. ..

As technology evolves, Beyond Imagination hopes to incorporate BEOMNIS into other aspects of everyday care, providing an alternative to modern nursing homes and 24-hour care centers.

The average annual cost of a Colorado nursing home can be around $ 100,000 for an individual patient. Although the cost of BEOMNI’s assistance is much cheaper, says Dr. David Wensel, Chief Medical Officer of TRU Community Care.

According to Wensel, the need for humanoid robots in the medical field is to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is also a shortage of personnel in the medical field. BEOMNI, a remote-controlled humanoid robot, is demonstrating at Lafayette’s TRU PACE Center on Friday with Dr. David Wensel, Chief Medical Officer of TRU Community Care, pushing a cart of medicines into the doorway. Go through. (Matthew Jonas, Daily Camera) The pilot study was conducted from November 9th to 12th to determine how the robot works in the actual medical field. Robots can use thermometers to measure temperature, use tongue depressors and flashlights to examine the patient’s mouth, dance with the patient, and perform other tasks, but that’s a long-term feature. Is expected to far exceed.

This particular robot is “version 1”, but it has AI technology to help the robot learn.

Another plus for BEOMNI humanoids in the healthcare sector? “They can’t get a COVID!” Says Kloor.

BEOMNI robots are expected to hit the market in the next few years. For more information on Beyond Imagination and BEOMNI, please visit Colorado Medical Center Hosts Humanoid Robot Test Run


Nest Thermostat Cyber ​​Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Prices Today

If you only need a single smart home device that has the most impact on your home, this Nest Thermostat Cyber ​​Monday deal could be one of them. It’s currently $ 70 off regular price. So you can buy it for just $ 180.It’s one of the singles Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals In the field of smart homes

Reason to buy: Easy to set up and wall mount

Monitor the heating and cooling system to catch potential problems

Learn your taste and change the temperature accordingly

Connect to different HVAC system types

NS Nest thermostat Is one of the most influential smart home devices available to humans and shows how smart homes can impact and rationalize everyday life. The Nest thermostat starts just like a standard thermostat. Adjust as needed for the first week. After that first week, it will automatically start changing the temperature of your home according to the previous input. If you drop the dial a few times every night, the thermostat works the same way. Also, when you leave the house, it automatically shifts to a more energy efficient temperature.

One of the reasons many people are wary of nest thermostats is that they believe it is difficult to set up. Quickly mounts to the wall with a few screws and everything is included in the package (with a screwdriver). No setup know-how required. All you have to do is follow the instructions included. It also works with different types of HVAC, including forced air, heat pumps, dual fuels, and radiant systems.

The HVAC system should be checked at least annually for regular maintenance, but Nest Thermostat actually helps by providing a head-up if it detects a problem in the system. increase. If there is a leak, or if the furnace is not producing the heat it should be, the Nest thermostat will send an alert to your cell phone to notify you. In the absence, the thermostat will also notify you if it has detected an extreme change in temperature.

This Nest Thermostat has 3 months YouTube Premium Purchasing as an additional bonus can add even more value to your already great deals. At $ 180, this is one of the Cyber ​​Monday deals you don’t want to miss.Nest Thermostat has won a place on our list The best smart thermostat ..

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we carefully and independently choose what we cover. The prices, details and availability of products and transactions in this post are subject to change at any time. Make sure they are still valid before you buy.

Digital Trends may earn commissions on products purchased through the link. This supports the work you do for your readers. Editor’s recommendations Nest Thermostat Cyber ​​Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Prices Today