Google Cut Secret Facebook Ad Deal, Unsealed Suit Claims

By Dorothy Atkins (January 14, 2022, 9:57 PM EST) — A New York federal judge has unsealed formerly redacted portions of an antitrust suit filed by state enforcers led by Texas who accuse Google of monopolizing display advertising markets, revealing new details of allegations that the tech giant cut a secret anti-competitive deal with Facebook and manipulated ad exchanges to inflate prices. The redacted material revealed in a copy of the complaint filed Friday claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed off on an allegedly illegal deal with Google in 2018 to give the social media company a leg up against competition, while the chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, who had. . . Stay ahead of the curve

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Mobile Sports Knowledge Legend George “Scooter” Burns dies at age 66 – WKRG News 5

Pritchard, Alabama (WKRG)-Two men are guilty of drugs and traffic after suspects say they have led them to a high-speed chase to Saraland. According to a news release, police tried to park the vehicle on Friday near Burger King on Highway 45 and Leeds Avenue. Police say the drivers did not stop and led them to a chase that ended on Highway 158 in Saraland. During the chase, police said car passengers began throwing away some small bags of green leafy vegetables that appeared to be marijuana.

Police arrested two men. The suspect’s driver, 27-year-old Terrance Ball, was charged with reckless danger, drug possession, and police escape. The suspect’s passenger, 25-year-old Curtis Carson, was charged with possession of drugs. Both men were put in jail on Friday and released after depositing a deposit. Mobile Sports Knowledge Legend George “Scooter” Burns dies at age 66 – WKRG News 5


Python Break, Continue & Pass Statement [With Examples]

The structural theorem suggests that any computer program can be written using primary control structures. A control flow, or control structure, is a block of programming that analyzes information, variables, and conditions. Based on that, it determines the route or direction to follow based on the given conditions or parameters. Simply put, control structure is just a computer-made decision. This is a decision-making process, and the flow of control determines how the program responds to the various conditions and parameters thrown.

Computer programming processes data and instructions. To be behind the data, you need to understand the nuances of data types and variables, but to work with instructions, you need to understand the control structure and flow of control. The program has three types of control structures: sequential, select, and repeat. All programming languages ​​come with a set of special statements that allow programmers to manually jump from one point to another in the flow of control based on predefined conditions.

The most commonly used control flow statements in Python are Break, Continue, and Pass. This article describes the nuances behind the three statements, along with syntax and examples. Break statement in Python

You can use Python’s Break statement to end a loop when certain conditions are met or triggered. The Break statement is placed inside a block of loop statements after a conditional “if” statement that is checked before the loop ends. Here’s an example to better understand this:


num = 0

For range (10) num:

If num == 5:

Break # Break here

print (‘num is’ + str (num))

print (‘The loop has ended’)

The value of num is initialized to 0. The for loop then repeatedly increments the value of num in the range 0-10. However, there is a break statement that checks if the value of num is equal to 5 somewhere. When the value of num reaches 5, the break statement causes the control to exit this loop and reach outside the loop.

I’m running a print statement outside the loop to find out if it’s outside the loop. If executed, it indicates that the loop has ended. The output of the above program is: output num is 0 num is 1 num is 2 num is 3 num is 4 The loop has ended As you can see, the moment the value of num evaluates to 5, the loop is immediately interrupted and control is passed outside the loop. Continue statement in Python You can use the Continue statement to skip certain parts of the loop that trigger certain additional conditions. However, unlike Break, the Continue statement does not take control out of the loop, but it completes the execution of the entire loop. Therefore, the Continue statement interrupts the current iteration of the loop, but does not stop the execution of the program. Instead, return control to the beginning of the loop.The Continue statement is used in various loops. Usually […]


Official rendering and key specs of Samsung Galaxy S22 + leaked

The official rendering of Samsung Galaxy S22 + Rendering Smartphone was published on the web prior to the official announcement. With rumors of rounds online, Samsung is on the verge of launching a new flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone. In addition, the latest lineup of Korean tech companies is reported to consist of three devices. These include Vanilla’s Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 +, and the finest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

As expected, the Galaxy S22 series has recently been exposed to multiple leaks and speculations. Currently, 91mobiles is working with a trusted leaker to publish some important information about Samsung Galaxy S22 +. Apart from that, the publication was able to get the official Samsung Galaxy S22 + smartphone rendering, specs, and other important details. Samsung Galaxy S22 + Official Rendering

Famous leaker Ishan Agarwal shared a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 + to give a glimpse of what Samsung’s latest flagship mobile phone will look like.

In advance, the phone has a single punched hole notch in the center for the selfie camera. In addition, the display is evenly surrounded by a narrow bezel. The spine on the right side of the phone has a volume up / down button and a power button. The side edges also have an antenna lining that makes the phone chassis look like metal. Specifications (forecast)

In addition, the leaked specs on the Samsung Galaxy S22 + smartphone suggest a triple camera setup on the back. An LED flash is also installed on the right side of this vertical rear mount camera setup. At the bottom of the back panel of the phone is the Samsung logo. Apart from that, Ishan claims that the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 + will have an Exynos 2200 processor. According to a previous report by NotebookCheck, the Galaxy S22 Ultra uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 in all regions, not the Exynos 2200. As you can imagine, it has the same design as the Galaxy S22 +: S22, but with a 1750 knit display, a 4500mAH battery and a 45W charge. Chipset rumors, yeah, no. European markets like the UK will continue with the Exynos 2200! ️ Not canceled. Exynos is available in many markets. https: // — Ishan Agarwal (@ ishanagarwal24) January 15, 2022 The Samsung Galaxy S22 + GeekBench 5 Benchmark Score for Galaxy S22 + appeared on the internet last November. The results suggested that the handset would boot on the Snapdragon 898 processor. For optics, the Samsung Galaxy S22 + will have a 50MP wide-angle camera. Similarly, Vanilla’s Samsung Galaxy S22 uses adaptive pixel technology to capture photos using 12MP (non-abinning) and 108MP (remodiac mode). The captured photo will be 12 bits.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 + display provides peak brightness of up to 1,750 knits. Apart from that, the screen provides an adaptive refresh rate. The Samsung Galaxy S22 weighs 167 grams, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 + is slightly heavier and weighs 195 grams. The […]


US Social Media Managers-Salaries, Skills and More!

Social media management includes everything from conceptualizing to executing social media campaigns to receiving and implementing feedback. As most businesses move online and the rest are paying attention, social media managers can help increase brand awareness and awareness, improve traffic, and strengthen customer relationships. is needed.

Social media marketing is certainly a very lucrative and rewarding career option in 2021 as brands are turning further to digital platforms for promotion.

Find out about the salaries of US social media managers, the key skills you need to overcome in your social media career, and the key responsibilities of your social media profile. US Social Media Manager Salary

Salaries for social media managers vary based on a variety of metrics, from experience and location to the organization that applied. In addition, many other duties, such as social media directors, social media strategy specialists, and community managers, are under the umbrella of social media managers.

That said, the average salary of a senior US social media manager with more than five years of experience is For $ 63,000, it could be as high as $ 90,000. Entry-level jobs like social media coordinators or similar jobs start with $ 32,000, As you gain experience, your salary will continue to increase, It’s well over $ 100,000.

Data collected by PayScale Currently, people in this position suggest that the entire field is so young that they do not have more than 10-15 years of experience. As you continue to acquire more skills, knowledge and expertise, your salary will increase exponentially throughout your 10-year journey. In addition, social media managers with experience and strategic planning skills have higher rewards.In this case, the average salary is $ 63,294, the maximum is easily above $ 100,00 per year..

PayScale data It also shows that salaries are steadily increasing, based on years of experience: Entry level (0-5 years old): $ 44,000

Midway (5-10 years old): $ 59,000

Experienced (10-20 years old): $ 65,000

Late career (20 years old and over): $ 71,000

Wages also vary from place to place. So while San Francisco social media managers can expect 50% more revenue than the national average, Houston social media managers can expect 6% less revenue.

according to That’s right , The average salary of US social media managers is around $ 108,449.. Key skills of social media manager roles

In general, it is advisable to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, journalism, communication, or public relations. That way, all locations will be covered. However, this is not a strict requirement.You need work experience or knowledge of digital marketing, especially if you’re not just looking at entry-level positions. Skills added in the form of advertising, community management, and sales are bonuses. Knowledge of SEO, SEM, competitor analysis, website auditing, and marketing analysis can be very helpful to your social media position. Social Media Manager – Roles and Responsibilities The exact roles and responsibilities of social media managers vary from company to company and even from project to project.But here are some […]


Macro Photos: How to Make Mediocre Photos Great

True-form macro photography deals with taking small things to make them look bigger than they really are, a feature that is often overlooked by the naked eye. It can make things magical in itself — it makes the mundane look great! Seen from a distance, the flower can be quite fascinating nearby. Anthers, pollen and petals remind us if the school’s botany lessons were really boring.

The epidemic blocked most of the country and minimized human movement. This allowed us to explore the backyard / garden a little better. I wanted to take a picture to share with my friends and family. In many cases, the shared images looked very little like their real existence and needed a detailed explanation of how the red mass was actually a beautiful ladybugs.

If you are reading this, you may have sent or received one such image. Let’s take a look at the options available to nature lovers / up-and-coming photographers to showcase the wonderful world of macro photography.

When I saw my daughter grow up, I came to understand things with the basic components-what, how, and why?


Nature photographers are always trying to show the world our unique perspective. This genre offers endless possibilities with all the hidden colors and textures around us that can be unleashed.

Photo courtesy of Hayath Mohammed

Insects, spiders, flowers, kitchen spices, pot scrubbers, soap bubbles and more-you get tips, all potential themes. Soap bubble close-ups are also included in the list of wallpapers for Apple devices.


A) magnification: The ratio of subjects that can be resolved by the sensor. This depends directly on the type of lens. A dedicated macro lens can be up to 1: 1 and the size of the sensor (depending on the format of the camera system) can fill the frame.

For DSLR systems, there are several options for getting close focus / macro functionality. What is obvious is a dedicated macro lens represented by a 1: 1 playback ratio. These have been modified to be dense and provide excellent edge-to-edge sharpness. Specialist lenses like the Canon MPE-65mm 1-5x and Laowa 2.5-5x blur the lines of the lens and microscope. Prices are often reminiscent of specialist tags.

Other lenses in the camera bag can be used with some additional gear to achieve close focus.

> Extension tube — These hollow tubes fit between the lens mount and the actual lens, reducing working distance and increasing the magnification of the final image. Pros: It’s great to see if macro photography is intriguing to you without investing in a dedicated macro lens. Disadvantages: May cause some optical problems and result in light loss. Loss of focus at infinity. Limited focal range. Achromat — These are short focus lenses with high quality glass that fits the filter thread of the lens. These work best with medium telephoto lenses in the 55-300mm range. The longer the focal length, the higher the magnification. Pros: You can easily turn it on and off to return the focus to infinity to the base […]


How to become a game developer? 5 feasible steps

Games are one of the fastest growing industries, 2.8 billion Gamers around the world. Creating interactive video games for individuals and groups requires an interesting blend of technical and creative skills. Read on to learn about top career options in game design, salaries for game developers, and some practical steps to get into this work area.

But before we get started, let’s understand the scope of the game from an Indian perspective. according to NASSCOM The Indian gaming industry has an annual business worth $ 890 million.

Joint Research by Google and KPMG Online games are estimated to be a $ 1 billion opportunity for India.

another Report It emphasizes that the sector is expected to grow rapidly due to increased mobile penetration, higher user awareness and increased engagement.

So if you’re considering a career in games, now’s the right time to start preparing. The next section describes the game developer’s job description, average salary, and career progression graph. It also gives you practical insights on how to build a career in this area. Game developer responsibilities

Game developers are often used as a generic term for everyone who participates in the construction of video games. This task requires professionals to apply their coding expertise, problem-solving, and design skills to bring ideas and concepts to the finished product stage.

Here’s what game developers are expected to do on a daily basis: Transform your requirements into clean and efficient code.

Build the engine on which the game will run.

Prototype the proposed feature.

Create work schedules and determine milestones.

Script and storyboard creation.

Animate in-game characters and objects.

Processing of audiovisual elements of the game. Create unit tests and validation procedures to maintain quality. Documentation of technical specifications. Fix bugs and resolve issues when they occur. 99Games, Apar Games, CreatioSoft, Dhruva Interactive, GSN Games, and 2Pi Interactive are prominent recruiters in this area. Broadcasters, educational resource suppliers, event organizers, advertising agencies, and marketing companies also hire game professionals for a variety of roles. How to become a game developer? 1. Get a related degree Most game development jobs have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering as a minimum qualification. However, recruitment managers prefer highly qualified candidates who have a basic knowledge of a particular domain. It is best to choose a program that provides a hands-on learning experience for programming tools. 2. Master computer language Game developers should be familiar with C ++ programming and other languages ​​such as C and Java. Familiarity with the popular game engine and core software development concepts is a plus. You can try coding in mobile games before stepping into the world of studio games. There are plenty of online tutorials and some active developer communities that actively support the learning process for beginners. 3. Build a portfolio Creating a good portfolio is a surefire way to impress future employers. If you have software, go ahead and prototype your game to showcase your coding, […]


See Vivo X80 Series Specification Tips, Expected Prices

The specifications of the Vivo X80 series smartphones have appeared on the Internet, and we can see what the future lineup will offer. Vivo launched the X70 series smartphones in the Indian market in September. Currently, Dongguan-based technology company seems to be preparing to launch a successor to the X70 series called Vivo X80 in India. The specifications for the Vivo X80 series mobile phones were discovered on Weibo before they were officially announced in the country. Vivo X80 series specifications (rumors)

please remember. Some important information about the VivoX80 was published on the web in October 2021. The report reveals some important specifications for the Vivo X80 model. Now, Weibo’s post (via MySmartPrice) has once again revealed the specifications for the Vivo X80 series. If there is a problem with the leaked information, the Vivo X80 has a Dimensity 8000 processor inside. The Vivo X80 Pro also uses the Dimensity processor. However, the top-end Vivo X80 Pro + can be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor.

On the front panel, the Vivo X80 features a 6.56 inch LTPO AMOLED display that offers Full HD + resolution. Larger Vivo X80 Pro and X80 Pro + models may have a 6.78-inch LTPO 2.0 E5 AMOLED display panel, according to a Gizbot report. The Vivo X80 Pro screen offers Full HD + resolution, and the X80 Pro + display offers Quad HD + resolution. However, the displays on all three models offer a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Internally, the Vivo X80 has an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 8000 processor. Other leaked details and expected prices

The Vivo X80 Pro, on the other hand, has a Dimensity 9000 processor. If the recently surfaced leak turns out to be true, the Vivo X80 Pro + will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Soc. In addition, all three models may come with UFS 3.1 storage. The Vivo X80 may have LPDDR4X RAM. Pro models may offer LPDDR5 storage. For optics, the Vivo X80 is reported to be equipped with a 50MP GN5 camera, a 13MP camera, and a 12MP Sony IMX663 lens that supports 2X optical zoom. Vivo X80 Pro + Specifications
-6.78 inch QHD + 120Hz LTPO (2.0) E5 AMOLED
-Snapdragon 8 Gen1
-50MP (f1 / 1.3 OIS) + 48MP (IMX598) + 50MPMP (JN1 2x zoom) + 50MP (JN1 OIS 5x zoom)
-50MP SELPHY (autofocus)
-V1 chip for image processing
-66W Wired + 50W Wireless Charging
-X-axis linear motor
-IP68 In the photography department, the X80 Pro has a 12MP Sony IMX663 sensor with 50MP + 50MP (JN1 sensor) and 2x optical zoom. Apart from that, the handset is equipped with 50MP (JN1 sensor with 5x optical zoom). The largest X80 Pro + models include 50MP + 48MP (Sony IMX598 sensor), a 50MP JN1 sensor that supports 2x optical zoom, and a JN1 camera that supports 50MP (5x optical zoom support. Upfront, Vivo X80, and X80 Pro. May be installed) will be installed. Equipped with a 44MP self-camera with autofocus. The X80 Pro + can be equipped […]


Alien Shiba Inu sees a 500% recovery in 24 hours and profits are gradually depleted

Alien Shiba Inu (ASHIB), a new meme coin that seems to have swept crypto investors, sounds strongly influenced by Shiba Inu. Relatively unknown crypto tokens have seen a 1,344 percent increase in value over the past week. There are cases where new crypto assets have been popular from the beginning, but a significant number of them have proven to be Ponzi schemes where investors have lost thousands of dollars.

Alien Shiba Inu is very new as a crypto token, there is no immediate danger signal here to suggest fraud, but there is little literature available on coins and the community rarely goes on projects like Alien Shiba Inu does. Will focus on the future. It is also worth noting that the sharp rise in the value of coins has cooled considerably in the last 48 hours.

According to CoinGecko, the value of Alien Shiba Inu rose 500% on the 1st of January 9th, after cryptocurrencies were traded at record lows and before a sudden surge in value. Since then, profits have been declining gradually, but at the time of issuance, they have increased by more than 1300% in the last 7 days.

Alien Shiba Inu’s website claims that developers are working on “three major utility projects.” This is a collection of non-fungible token (NFT) characters for the Play-to-Ear game, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and Commodity Markets called AlienShibaInuCrew. However, the coin was released only in November last year and cannot be traded on many exchanges yet. With a market capitalization of $ 574,803 (about 420 million rupees), the coin is currently ranked 3,673 in the Coin Market Cap.

When I saw the surge of new cryptocurrencies in the same way last time, it didn’t work for those who thought they were ahead of the curve. In November 2021, the SQUID cryptocurrency, inspired by the popular Netflix series Squid Game, was suspected of fraud after its value dropped by 99.99% and its website stopped working. The transaction value of this squid token soared 600% in one day, and soon after that the anonymous creator disappeared for about $ 3.3 million (about Rs 2.2 billion).

Quite shocking development came when Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, began investigating SQUID tokens, which have grown several times over the next few days. The game altcoin was created with BinanceSmartChain.

Are you interested in cryptocurrencies? In the gadget 360 podcast Orbital, we’ll discuss cryptography with Wazir X CEO Nischal Shetty and Weekend Investing founder Alok Jain. Orbital is available wherever you can get Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and podcasts. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated digital currencies, not fiat currencies, and are subject to market risk. The information provided in this article is not intended or constitutes any financial advice, transactional advice, or other advice or endorsement provided or endorsed by NDTV. NDTV shall not be liable for any loss resulting from an investment based on the recognized recommendations, forecasts or other information contained in the article.

Affiliate links may be generated automatically. See the Ethics Statement for more […]


What is data mining? An important concept, how does it work?

Data mining can be understood as the process of exploring data through cleaning, pattern search, model design, and test creation. Data mining includes the concepts of machine learning, statistics, and database management. As a result, data mining is often confused with data analytics, data science, or other data processes.

Data mining has a long and rich history. The concept emerged with the advent of the computing era of the 1960s. Historically, data mining was primarily an intensive coding process and required a lot of coding expertise. Even today, data mining still includes programming concepts for cleaning up, processing, analyzing, and interpreting data. Data specialists need to have a working knowledge of statistics and at least one programming language in order to perform data mining tasks accurately. Thanks to intelligent AI and ML systems, part of the core data mining process has been automated. If you are new to Python and data science, upGrad Data science program It will definitely help you dig deeper into the world of data and analysis.

In this article, we’ll cover all the nuances of what data mining is, what important concepts you need to know, how it works, and the future of data mining, to clarify all the confusion about data mining. In the first place – data mining is not exactly data analysis

It’s natural to confuse data mining with other data projects, including data analysis. However, overall, data mining is much more extensive than data analysis. In fact, data analysis is just one aspect of data analysis. Data mining experts are responsible for cleaning up and preparing data, creating assessment models, and testing those models against business intelligence project hypotheses. In other words, tasks such as data cleaning, data analysis, and data exploration are part of the entire data mining spectrum, but they are only part of a much larger overall. Important data mining concepts

Successful data mining tasks require some techniques, tools, and concepts. Some of the most important concepts about data mining are: Data cleaning / preparation: This is where all raw data from different sources is transformed into a standard format that can be easily processed and analyzed. This includes identifying and removing errors, searching for missing values, and removing duplicates.

Artificial intelligence: AI systems perform analytical activities related to human intelligence, such as planning, reasoning, problem solving, and learning.

Association rule learning: This concept, also known as market basket analysis, is essential for finding relationships between various variables in a dataset. By extension, this is a very important component in deciding which products are usually purchased together by customers.

Clustering: Clustering is the process of dividing a large data set into smaller, more meaningful subsets called clusters. This helps you understand the individual nature of the elements in your dataset. It can be used for more efficient clustering or grouping.

Classification: The concept of classification is used to assign items in large datasets to target classes to improve the prediction accuracy of the target […]