This eyeless millipede smashed most foot records

Finally, scientists have discovered a millipede, which is not ashamed of its name, and actually has 1,000 legs.

Unique creatures have been found deep beneath Western Australia, boasting up to 1,306 legs. This is more than the few 750 paws previously recorded in millipedes and other animals.Newly named Eumillipes persephone And the former record holders, who were abandoned, probably both evolved seemingly excessive numbers of limbs to break through the narrow spaces of the soil. Researchers reported On December 16th Scientific Reports ..

E. Persephone Paul Marek, an entomologist and co-author of the findings at Virginia Tech, says that the underground environment is threatened by mining activities and conservation activities are important.

“These undiscovered fauna live in areas previously thought to be lifeless, but even in ecosystems we really rely on to screen for environmental toxins and filter water. There is, “he says. “Therefore, by studying the organisms that inhabit these ecosystems, we can not only protect the biodiversity of this planet, but also the environment.”

The term millipede literally means “thousand feet,” but Marek says most species actually have less than 100 legs. Arthropods have been around for over 400 million years, and some extinct members can reach up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) in length. Millipedes play an important role in the ecosystem by eating rotting organic matter.

The new species come from areas dotted with drill holes used to look for gold, nickel and other minerals. These holes also provide scientists with a portal to remote and unexplored environments. Bruno Buzzat and his colleagues at Macquarie University in Sydney and the University of Western Australia in Perth and his colleagues fed with rotten leaves to attract hungry invertebrates to find out what could crawl underground. I got down to the cup.

Researchers spy on a pale thread-like millipede when the cup was pulled out from a depth of 60 meters (about 200 feet) in August 2020. The team contacted millipede expert Marek, suspecting that the creatures were squeezing more than known species. After examining some specimens, Marek noticed that he was seeing a “true millipede.” He counted 1,306 legs germinating from 330 ring-shaped segments in female members of this species, and up to 818 legs and 208 rings in males (female arthropods more than males). Marek says it tends to be big.)

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In addition to observing millipedes with a powerful scanning electron microscope, researchers E. Persephone And I compared the genome with that of other species. This will result in E. Persephone It was just a 750-legged distant relative Illacme Plenipes , Found in California. Findings show that hyperstretchers have evolved several times independently in the millipede, which thrives underground.

“Extra legs are converted into extra pushing force,” says Marek. “This, coupled with a highly expandable and compressible body, is surprisingly good at pushing into gaps.”

E. Persephone Named after Persephone, the goddess of Greek mythology who was taken to the underworld by Hades, the name points to many […]


How to give someone a final second NFT in 6 (somewhat) easy steps — information

It’s a week until Christmas, and it’s time to face the music. Non-fungible tokens are definitely a gift for this season. It is endlessly customizable, does not require transportation, and is completely unaffected by the supply chain.

Ian Rogers will know.He is the chief experience officer of ledger , Cryptocurrency exchange that donated NFT ( Atomic bomb squad Collection) To his 15-year-old daughter. “In reality, we humans love value exchange, and exchange value with a specific artist who makes you feel a specific way,” he says.

Be prepared for the learning curve when it comes to choosing the right NFT for your loved one. The range of NFTs is wide and there are almost unlimited options. Sports fan , Gamer , chef , When Music lovers .. Before buying one of these volatile assets, make sure they know what an NFT is. Next, NFTs start at a few tens of dollars, well, More .. How to give someone a final second NFT in 6 (somewhat) easy steps — information


Google unleashes the security “father” of the Log4Shell bug in open source software

The remotely exploitable flaws in Log4j, a widely deployed Java error logging library, are: Being attacked by multiple actors When Probably more months will remain so As an open source project, product vendors and end-user organizations patch affected systems.

Google is now Add OSS-Fuzz to the pool of answers A flaw in Log4j across the Internet, also known as Log4Shell. This bug has been tracked as CVE2021-44228 and has been partially fixed in the release of Log4j version 2.15.0 of the Apache Foundation last week.

OSS-Fuzz is Google’s free service for fuzzing open source software projects and is currently used in over 500 critical projects. Fuzzing throws random code into the software, generating errors such as crashes and revealing potential security flaws. LOG4JFLAW Coverage-What You Need to Know Now

Google is partnering with a security company to look for weaknesses in the newly built open source software Log4Shell. Code intelligence To Providing continuous fuzzing for Log4j ..

Code intelligence Jazzer An open source fuzzing engine that is currently part of OSS-Fuzz and has been modified to identify a Log4j vulnerability in the code under development. Google has awarded Code Intelligence $ 25,000 for its Log4j fuzzing efforts.

“Jazzer is part of OSS-Fuzzing All integrated open source projects written in Java and other JVM-based languages ​​are currently being continuously searched for similar vulnerabilities. Code intelligence Press release notes ..

Jazzer is also possible Remote JNDI lookup detection – A strong sign that a potential attacker is scanning your network for defects.

JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) is an interface for connecting to directories on a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, and a flaw in Log4j lies in the JNDI implementation.

As Cisco Talos researchers explain Due to this flaw, a remote attacker can use a simple LDAP request to trigger a vulnerability in versions of Log4j prior to 2.15, retrieve the payload from a remote server, and execute it locally on the vulnerable device. can do.

Apache Foundation released this week Log4j version 2.16.0 fixes a second related flaw due to JNDI being tracked as CVE2021-45046 .. This flaw allowed an attacker to create a data pattern with JNDI message lookup and neutralize the machine with a denial of service (DoS).

Log4j 2.16.0 disables access to JNDI by default and limits the default protocol to Java, LDAP, and LDAPS. Disabling JNDI was previously a manual procedure to mitigate attacks on the original flaw.

Currently, most efforts are focused on vendors updating Log4j for their products and end-user organizations that apply updates when they become available.For example, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Provided to federal agencies until December 24 to identify all applications affected by Log4Shell .. Cisco, VMware, IBM, and Oracle are busy developing patches for affected products. LOG4JFLAW Coverage-How to Keep Your Company Safe

Google’s OSS-Fuzz aims to tackle Log4j from a different angle and prevent developers from accidentally injecting flaws in new software projects that may eventually be deployed in production. ..“Vulnerabilities like Log4Shell are stunning to the industry in […]


JRPG Year: 2021 was a breakthrough year for the genre

Despite the significant delays, 2021 was a successful year in every aspect of the gaming world.From a hit that attracts attention like Halo Infinite To an unexpected hit like Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians , Gamers are leaving this year without running out of games in the backlog.

That feeling doubles for fans of the Japanese role-playing game genre, which has reached the banner year. Several games have advanced this genre this year on top of the foundations that franchises like Final Fantasy have built over the years. Call 2021 the “Year of the JRPG”.

From the beginning of 2021, players were hit by groundbreaking Jaguar notes one after another. In retrospect, it feels like half of my time this year has spent countless hours on numerous epic adventures. It’s as if developers from all over the world got together and decided that they had too much time in the day and needed a long game to fill the gap. Fans of this genre have been busy for 12 months, whatever the reason for the flood of games.

One of the best things about this year’s JRPG being so heavy is that it has been released for all types of players.I have traveled through a relaxing forest while searching for mixed materials. Liza’s Atelier 2: Lost Legends and Secret Fairies Fighted the Brainpunk Apocalypse with Hack and Slash Combat style Scarlet Nexus , And raised a pet monster Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin .. I love how diverse the gameplay is, as well as the world of all these titles.

I couldn’t list and explain all the releases of the year, but I would like to talk about one of the most important points from the “Year of JRPG”. I saw the evolution of the genre in real time.Last year, Square Enix changed the world FINAL FANTASY VII Once again when it was released FINAL FANTASY VII: Remake .. The game’s cinematic storytelling, detailed environment, and rethought gameplay have blown expectations and removed barriers to players beyond regular turn-based fans. It completely changed the genre, as the original did in 1997.

FF7R Is a game created over the years, and the final combat formula has been tested in games such as: FINAL FANTASY 13 When 15 .. Remake Finally, we’ve found the right formula, a perfect blend of classic turn-based strategies and more active combat, appealing to players in other disciplines as well as JRPG fans.

One of my recommendations This year’s JRPG, Tales of Arise , When Scarlet Nexus Continue from where the game was interrupted. Both of these games include hack and slash-like gameplay. FF7R And find the perfect balance between it and a typical strategy — all while retaining the feel of that classic JRPG.With both games Remake Mini continuation, FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake: Intergrade , It is very exciting to see who will take the next step on the foundation set by SQUARE ENIX.Maybe the next great JRPG will go more Scarlet Nexus Create routes and incorporate […]


SD Times Open Source Project of the Week: ZenML

ZenML Is an extensible open source MLOps framework designed to create reproducible pipelines.

This framework allows data scientists to write their code as an automated pipeline from the beginning.

It was built to facilitate the iterative and experimental nature of machine learning tasks, as well as provide a path to an automated, production-ready software base that can be deployed to any cloud or back-end service. I am.

Users can start with a simple Python function, connect multiple steps as a pipeline, and set up continuous training or inference jobs on a schedule.

“In our previous startup, we spent years using machine learning in production. ZenML co-founder and CTO Hamza Tahir said:

“But the question is how to uncover the complexity of the explosive ML tool landscape and modern infrastructure stacks. First, we addressed this gap internally. Currently, ZenML is open sourcing. By doing so, we want to enable the data science community across the pipeline and set new standards for MLOps, “adds Tahir. SD Times Open Source Project of the Week: ZenML


Microsoft moves more options from Control Panel to settings for new Windows 11 builds

Microsoft is working hard to move more settings from the Control Panel to the Settings app. The company has released a preview build of Windows 11 and relocated the section used to uninstall Windows Update to the Settings app.With the latest updates, users[プログラムと機能]When I try to open a section, the control panel is now redirected to the Windows settings. The control panel has been part of Windows since its first boot. Even in the last update, the tech giant has advanced sharing settings such as network detection, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing.[高度なネットワーク設定]of[設定]You’ve moved to a new page in the app.

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 on DevChannel. In a blog post, the company outlined the changes in the latest version. The most notable changes are Programs and features Will open in the control panel Settings> Apps> Installed apps ..The company also has an uninstall update (cumulative update, etc.) from the control panel.[設定]Announced to move to a new page in. Settings> Windows Update> Update History ..

Windows 11 build 22523 brings a few other minor changes.Snapgroups are now available to all insiders Alt + tab menu. In addition, File Explorer displays media server options in the toolbar menu. According to Microsoft, build 22523 is the last update to the 2021 Windows Insider Program. You can download it as an ISO file from the official website.

Earlier, in preview build 22509 released on December 1, Microsoft announced that it moved advanced sharing settings (network detection, file and printer sharing, public folder sharing, etc.) to a new page in the Settings app. Did. Advanced network settings ..Also, the entry point for network and device settings in Control Panel has begun to redirect to the corresponding page. Configuration ..

also,[設定]of[プリンターとスキャナー]I’ve made changes to the device-specific page below to directly display detailed information about the user’s printer or scanner. Configuration If available.

This week’s Orbital, Gadgets 360 podcast will cover Surface Pro 8, Go 3, Duo 2, and Laptop Studio. Microsoft has set a vision for Windows 11 hardware. Orbital is available wherever you can get Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and podcasts. Follow Gadgets 360 for the latest tech news and reviews. twitter , Facebook, and Google News. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the latest videos on gadgets and technology.

Nithya P Nair is a journalist with over 5 years of experience in digital journalism. She specializes in business and tech beats. Appetizing Nithya loves exploring new places (reading food) and sneaking into Malayalam movie conversations to liven up the conversation.more Microsoft moves more options from Control Panel to settings for new Windows 11 builds


IT recruitment activities in the French aerospace, defense and security industries fell 4.3% in November 2021.

According to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database, the French aerospace, defense and security industry recorded a 4.3% reduction in IT recruitment activity compared to the previous month in November 2021.

Industry-wide employment increased by 6.1% in November 2021 compared to October 2021.

Of the total employment activity in the aerospace, defense and security industries, IT jobs gained a 10.25% share in November 2021 and recorded a 1.76% decrease from the average share for the past three months.

Top 5 occupations in IT recruitment activities in the French aerospace, defense and security industries in November 2021

The top five roles in all positions accounted for 98.2% of the total IT recruitment activities in the French aerospace, defense and security industries in November 2021.

1) Software and web developers, programmers, and testers recorded a 70.06% share in November 2021, a 43.48% decrease from the previous month.

2) Other computer professions claimed a 15.57% share, up 62.5% from the previous month.

3) Database and network administrators and architects have a 6.59% share, recording a 52.17% decrease from October 2021.

4) Computer and information analysts gained a 2.99% share, up 25% from the previous month.

Top 5 Aerospace, Defense and Security Companies in France’s IT Recruitment Activities November 2021

In terms of the number of jobs tracked by GlobalData, the top five companies averaged a 22.27% share of overall IT recruitment activities in France’s aerospace, defense and security industries from November 2021 to October 2021. Occupies.

Thales posted 119 IT jobs in November 2021 and recorded a 25.63% decrease from the previous month, followed by Leidos Holdings with 16 jobs and a 30.43% decrease. Dassault Aviation recorded flat growth and a 55.56% decrease in 15 IT jobs and Naval Group 12 jobs, respectively, while Rohde & Schwarz KG increased 100% in two job posts in November 2021. Was recorded.

Junior-level job listings will be mainstream in November 2021 Junior-level jobs held a 82.04% share, down 30.81% from October 2021. Mid-level positions with a 10.18% share recorded a 41.38% decrease compared to the previous month.Entry-level classified ads came in third with a 7.19% share, down 58.62% from October 2021. On the other hand, senior posts accounted for 0.6%, recording flat growth from the previous month.


Shenmue III is the first of 15 free games available on the Epic Games Store in the next two weeks.

Epic Games announced that Shenmue III is the first game that Epic Games Store users can get for free and permanently add to their library. By the end of the year, Epic will be giving away 15 games, one for each new day. Until 5 pm on December 17th Grab Shenmue III After that, the free game promotion will switch to the next title, which is still a mystery at the time of writing.

Shenmue III was launched two years ago, 18 years after Shenmue II.Nathan rated it as 8 out of 10 In his review .. Is Shenmue III obsolete? Of course, this game, like most genres, proves that open-world adventures still have one or two things to learn from the past. Shenmue III isn’t always player-friendly, but its vibrant, uniquely handcrafted world is truly fascinating. I hope this is not the end of Ryo and Yu Suzuki’s epic journey. In addition to promoting free games, we also host the Epic Games Store That Holiday 2021 Sale There are dozens of discount games (10% to 95% off). The infinite $ 10 coupon is back with revenge. Every time you purchase a game over $ 14.99, you will receive a $ 10 discount coupon at checkout and there is no limit to the number of games you can purchase. This means that no matter how many games you have in your shopping cart, if you spend more than $ 14.99 after the sale discount has been applied, up to a transaction limit of at least 50 items, you will receive an additional $ 10 discount coupon. If you buy each of the 10 full games for exactly $ 14.99, the coupon will be $ 100 from your current purchase. You can do this as many times as you like. Coupons are unlimited until the end of the sale. Finally, there are some free in-game items available as part of the so-called Epic Deal. Free Blizzabelle Outfit is available to Fortnite players from the Item Shop. Warframe fans will get a set of weapon skins, the Oscira Longsword Skin and the Oscila Staff Skin. Rocket League players will receive the Twista: Special Edition Inverted Wheels skin as soon as they log in.

Of course, keep in mind that the latter two promotions are only available if you are running these games through the Epic Games Launcher. Shenmue III is the first of 15 free games available on the Epic Games Store in the next two weeks.


Phase switching roofing materials are cool in summer and warm in winter

Let’s say you’re trying to cool your house in the summer or hot climate. The sun is shining overhead. You can cover the roof with a material that reflects or absorbs sunlight to keep it out of the way. However, if you are in a place where summer turns into winter, the heat-blocking roof coating also has problems blocking heat. This boosts heating costs and contributes to the operation of the building in some way. responsible for Estimated 28 percent of world carbon dioxide emissions.

Therefore, the solution may be in adaptive smart materials that do both substances that dissipate heat in the summer and keep it out in the winter. California researchers have developed such a roof coating, thanks to a material that can switch between the two phases, which is the material tested on the professor’s house.they Announce their work In the journal Chemistry December 17th.

“The point of our work is that our roofs work not only in hot weather, but also in cold weather,” he says. Wu Jun Bridge , University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory materials scientist and one of the researchers behind the project.

The main material for roofs is vanadium oxide. Previously tested As a window coating. Unlike most metals, vanadium oxide has poor thermal conductivity and is ideal as an insulator.

Infrared rays that warm the earth in the sun can pass through vanadium oxide when the material is at room temperature. However, when the compound is heated to 153 ° F (67 ° C), its properties change and its phase changes. It begins to block those infrared rays and effectively shadows what is beneath them. In other words, it takes in the sun when it is cool and blocks the sun when it is warm.

Unless you’re building a condo on Mercury, 153 ° F is hot for a roof. However, Wu and his colleagues have previously stated that by “doping” vanadium oxide with tungsten in materials science terms, the phase switch point of a compound can be lowered to a much more beneficial 77 ° F (25). discovered. ° C).

The researchers believed that they had identified the appropriate material. But they needed a place to test it. “You can’t do that in the lab because it’s not exposed to sunlight, wind, or facing the sky,” says Wu.

The roof of their lab was inaccessible — and by that time the COVID-19 pandemic had closed much of the lab anyway. They couldn’t leave a sample of the roof coating in an open area like a playground or parking lot. They needed a place where they could run an unsupervised laptop for days.

There was another option: Wu’s house.

The more they thought about it, the more they liked the idea. Located on a hill in the San Francisco Bay Area, the house was unobstructed by trees and exposed to unobstructed sunlight. The weather was perfect for the test. Ambient temperatures fluctuate dramatically between day and night.

“I have power and WiFi,” says Wu. “I live at home. […]


Control Linux time and timezone using the timedatectl command

The timedatectl You can use commands to query and change the system clock and its settings on Linux systems.

To display the current settings, use the command alone with no arguments. It will be displayed in the following manner.

$ timedatectl Local time: Thu 2021-12-16 11:12:31 EST Universal time: Thu 2021-12-16 16:12:31 UTC RTC time: Thu 2021-12-16 16:12:31 <; real time clock Time zone: America/New_York (EST, -0500) System clock synchronized: yes NTP service: active RTC in local TZ: no The fields displayed are local time, universal time (same worldwide), RTC (real-time clock, usually integrated circuit), and time zone (USA / New York) are the eastern time zones. NTP is a network time protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems over packet-switched variable-delay data networks. In this case, the RTC is not set to the local time zone.

The system usually manages this from the time it is installed using NTP, so you rarely need to change the date and time. However, if you move or carry your laptop during your vacation, it’s a good idea to make some changes to accommodate the new location.

You must use sudo to change the settings.

$ timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York <== no change, no authentication $ timedatectl set-timezone America/Nome ==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.freedesktop.timedate1.set-timezone ==== Authentication is required to set the system timezone. Authenticating as: Sandra Henry-Stocker (shs) Password: ==== AUTHENTICATION COMPLETE ==== $ timedatectl Local time: Thu 2021-12-16 07:27:00 AKST Universal time: Thu 2021-12-16 16:27:00 UTC RTC time: Thu 2021-12-16 16:27:00 Time zone: America/Nome (AKST, -0900) System clock synchronized: yes NTP service: active RTC in local TZ: no You can change the time zone using sudo However, if the system clocks are synchronized, the date and time will not be included. If you want to list the time zones List-time zone option. Since there are 339 of them, it is recommended to pass the output of the command to the column command. $ timedatectl list-timezones | wc -l 339 $ timedatectl list-timezones | column Africa/Abidjan America/Paramaribo Asia/Yekaterinburg Africa/Algiers America/Phoenix Asia/Yerevan Africa/Bissau America/Port-au-Prince Atlantic/Azores Africa/Cairo America/Porto_Velho Atlantic/Bermuda Africa/Casablanca America/Puerto_Rico Atlantic/Canary Africa/Ceuta America/Punta_Arenas Atlantic/Cape_Verde Africa/El_Aaiun America/Rainy_River Atlantic/Faroe Africa/Johannesburg America/Rankin_Inlet Atlantic/Madeira Africa/Juba America/Recife Atlantic/Reykjavik Africa/Khartoum America/Regina Atlantic/South_Georgia Africa/Lagos America/Resolute Atlantic/Stanley Africa/Maputo America/Rio_Branco Australia/Adelaide Africa/Monrovia America/Santarem Australia/Brisbane Africa/Nairobi America/Santiago Australia/Broken_Hill Africa/Ndjamena America/Santo_Domingo Australia/Darwin … … … wrap up

You can look up the addition timedatectl Command options by requesting help, such as: Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. Control Linux time and timezone using the timedatectl command