Celebrities you might not know are related

Gene Lester/Getty Images Celebrity is a family thing sometimes. In entertainment and sports, there are people who are famously related. You’ve got siblings like Peyton and Eli Manning , or parent and child situations like Will and Jaden Smith. However, not every family connection is that obvious, or that well known. Here are some famous people you might not have known who were related. In this instance, married couples don’t count. One of Hill’s breakout films was the teen comedy “Superbad.” Meanwhile, Feldstein’s breakout movie was the teen comedy “Booksmart.” Those came several years apart, but it still binds the siblings in one way. Vanderbilt is a member of the Vanderbilt family, and she also got into fashion world once she was striking out on her own. While she was married a few times, her last marriage yielded her son Anderson, who went on to become a famed newscaster, and one time “Jeopardy” guest host.

After a handful of notable relationships, actress and singer Streisand married actor James Brolin in 1998. Both already had kids, but one of those kids is particularly notable. That’s Josh Brolin, who has starred in films like “Men in Black III” and “No Country for Old Men.” You may have surmised that the Brolins were related, but you may not have known Josh’s stepmother.

From gangster rap to hanging with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg has had quite the life and career. One of his cousins is Mercedes Varnado, who is probably best known as WWE superstar Sasha Banks. In fact, Snoop once performed while his cousin was walking to the ring.

Hey, we did say one of Snoop’s cousins is Sasha Banks. He’s got a few cousins and another one that is famous. Brandy and Snoop both succeeded at music and acting, with Brandy having starred in the TV show “Moesha.”

Mickey Hargitay had a solid acting career – he once played Hercules – but he could not reach the levels of fame of his one-time wife Mansfield. She was one of the most famous faces of her era, even though she tragically died at the age of 34. During her marriage to Hargitay, she had a daughter Mariska, who would go on to star in like 500 episodes of “Law and Order: SVU.”

Yes, it’s true. The raunchy comedian and the current Senate Majority Leader are indeed related. Amy and Chuck are cousins and have even worked together on political matters. Not so much on comedic matters.

You may know Shire best as Adrian from the “Rocky” movies, or perhaps from her turn as Connie in the “Godfather” films. She picked up her professional last name from her first marriage, but it’s her second marriage that gave her a son in Jason Schwartzman, who has acted in films like “Rushmore.”

Norm! That’s how most of us know Wendt, thanks to his turn on “Cheers.” However, Sudeikis probably called him “Uncle George.” Yes, the “Ted Lasso” star is the nephew of Norm.

These two Hollywood legends spent decades on screen, and yet […]

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