China is conducting experiments to create an “artificial sun” that is 10 times hotter than the actual sun

The Daily Mail reports that top Chinese scientists claim to have created a “fake sun.” According to media reports, the artificial sun produced by China is about 10 times hotter than the actual sun around which our planet is orbiting.

Scientists working on these experiments say that the artificial sun can reach a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius in 10 seconds, which is 10 times higher than the actual sun. When the experiment was conducted, the temperature remained at 16 degrees Celsius for about 100 seconds.

Li Miao, director of physics at the Southern Science and Technology University in Shenzhen, said the team will strive to stabilize the temperature of the project in the coming weeks. So far, maintaining this temperature for only 100 seconds is a result, Miao added.

Artificial solar experiments are being developed through nuclear reactors with the help of nuclear fusion. This technology and science are typically used to develop hydrogen bombs. This method uses a strong magnetic field to melt the hot plasma and generate excess heat.

Song Yun Tao, Deputy Director of the Institute of Plasma Physics, Hefei Institute of Materials Science, said: After it is built, we will build a generator and start generating electricity by around 2040. “

So far, China has spent about 6 billion yuan ($ 883 million) on a large donut-shaped facility called a tokamak that carries out the plasma fusion process. According to scientists, if the energy generated in this experiment is fully utilized, it requires very little fuel and produces very little radioactive waste.

The main purpose of this experiment, conducted by Chinese scientists, is to make the artificial sun or auxiliary heating system “hotter” and more “durable”. The project is expected to be completed in less than 20. Year. China is conducting experiments to create an “artificial sun” that is 10 times hotter than the actual sun

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