Cryptocurrency price latest – Shiba Inu coin up again after Metahero 5% drop while Storj and Pyr crypto soars

SHIBA Inu coin, Storj and Pyr soared following a Metahero drop, which the cryptocurrency seems to have bounced back from.

Pyr is up a significant 33.73 percent, at $19.73, while stock in Storj went up by 26.41 percent.

Metahero was priced at $0.1228, which is in keeping with slow, steady growth over the last month, marked by occasional drops.

Shiba Inu reached an all-time high of $0.00008845 on Thursday, October 29th.

As Facebook rebrands to “Meta”, MANA is taking over the crypto world. MANA skyrocketed to $4.33 on Saturday, a 164 percent gain.

The rise appears to come after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced “metaverse” — a virtual reality work for users to play games and socialize.

Shiba Inu has rallied an amazing 800 per cent this month, hitting a record high of $0.00008870.

Meanwhile Bitcoin is down by 1.25% and has been on a steady decline throughout Sunday morning.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin fell from a 24 hour high of $63,064 to $58,500 Wednesday morning. But early on Thursday, it was back above $61,000, according to CoinBase.

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