Do we really need to meet in person?

Do you remember gathering in the conference room? It’s almost cartoonish to imagine everyone pushing into a poorly ventilated area and talking about or exchanging bacteria … what exactly?

As many workers begin to return to the office all or part of the week, they notice significant changes. The pandemic is nearing its end, but the conference is virtually still in place. Often, office workers leave the house, go to the desk, sit down, put on their headphones, Connect to Zoom and chat with people sitting a few feet away .. The cognitive dissonance that workers may feel is not because things are different, but because they are very similar to the way they were at home.While the boss is knitting it Lose opportunities for collaboration and mentorship In the dominantly distant future, workers have wondered (of course) why they have to leave the house.

What can you really get from a face-to-face meeting that you have been absent from for the last 19 months?

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Zoom and other forms of functional (and free) video conferencing software are not always better than meeting in person, but not necessarily worse. Also, companies may require everyone to return to the office at some point in the coming months, but that doesn’t mean that external partners or clients will do so, and all Zoom and conference calls. Make it the automatic part of the external conference.

I admit that this absolutely happened before the pandemic, and usually led to everyone sitting in the conference room around the speakers. Few people are screaming to return to things, bacteria, and all conditions, except that we have now had a vibrant experience with alternatives. For the past 19 months, I didn’t have to interrupt my work to get to a special room. That way, people can talk to each other and waste their time. The meeting wasn’t an event, but it was a to-do list item that needed a little more attention than email.People who mourn the loss of the pre-pandemic meeting are probably Attention executives and executives And the chance to prove yourself worth it through a very visible performance. You may be able to “command the room” yourself, but it’s much harder to feel that everyone knows what’s great if you’re not gathering around a long table sitting on your head. is.

Previously, meetings were new. We were able to use each other’s time non-specifically in a mutually agreed manner, but it was still accepted as a “work”. Due to the low barriers to entry for video conferencing, conferencing has fallen out of this bragging status and, along with email, Slack and other productivity tools, is another way to get things done. In the early days of the pandemic, everyone’s first instinct was to see zoom as a problem, but the world used to have too many meetings and was as early as creating a meeting by video conference. I think we’ve moved to the understanding that we can end the […]

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