Eighty Year Old Grandpa Loses His Mind Over Dua Lipa Tickets

It’s so cool when artists take a minute to connect with their fans…this is one of those moments! We love Dua Lipa and so does Kadie Bernstein’s 80 year old grandpa. Yes, I said 80! His granddaughter, Kadie, gave him a pair of tickets to Dua Lipa’s show for his birthday and he lost his mind (there’s some language from grandpa lol) .

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Kadie basically broke TikTok with the video of her grandpa opening her gift of tickets to see Dua Lipa in concert. It even got the attention of Dua Lipa herself! 3.1 million views later, grandpa is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame!

In fact, Dua FaceTimed grandpa to tell him she is a fan of his! She said she is excited for him to come to her show! When he was told that Dua posted about him he got super-excited. He said, (this) “Five minutes of fame is the greatest thing to ever happen.” He says his favorite dance song is ‘That kind of woman’ from Future Nostalgia and also ‘Boys will be Boys.’”

Here are those super-cute videos…

This may be the cutest thing you see all day. This 80 year old grandpa got a huge surprise on his birthday…his granddaughter got him Dua Lipa tickets and he flipped out! This got the attention of Dua Lipa…

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