Elden Ring Creator explains why there is no ring, why not play it, and says the game is varied

Elden Ring is officially away within two months. Release date February 25, 2022 .. As part of the mandatory hype, Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator and president of FromSoftware, wrote in EDGE Magazine ( No. 367 ). Mr. Miyazaki answered several questions, such as why there is no ring that can actually be worn on the Elden Ring. There are several reasons for this choice. First, yes, I scrutinized the ring as an item that could be equipped in previous games. Especially Dark Souls. Therefore, with this amulet, we were able to approach these ideas in different ways with different designs. And the second reason, of course, is that the ring exists as a physical “ring” in this game, but as a unique item related to stories and unique character events. Therefore, I wanted to occupy a special position in the world of Elden Ring and make it different from the design point of view in relation to the amulet. After that, Miyazaki said something a little surprising. Elden Ring is essentially his ideal game, but he may not play it because he spends a lot of time and doesn’t seem like a fresh experience. It’s a game I made myself, so you probably won’t play Elden Ring. This is one of my personal policies. You won’t get anything unknown that a fresh player is trying to experience. As I said before, I don’t feel like playing. But if so, this would be close to the ideal game I want. “This is like an open world game I want to make. An open world only enriches this ideal experience I’m trying to achieve. For me to explore this world, I map I mean, I want a proper map, or if I see something there, I want to be able to actually go and explore. And I want to fight. With a dragon in a magnificent arena. Something like this. It’s very simple, but with Elden Ring, many of these things come true and create something very close to my ideal game. According to Miyazaki, Elden Ring will be particularly satisfying for explorers. This is also due to the versatility that FromSoftware was able to incorporate into the game. I wanted to create this world full of joy to explore the unknown. That’s why we wanted to make a lot of fascinating things for up-and-coming adventurers. And I wanted to prepare a lot of these mysterious situations that players would like to read and listen to, go looking for, explore. Variety is what we worked on when creating this game, and I believe we managed to achieve it. Another notable bite from the interview is that mounted combat is not forced by the player in any way. This should be seen as another viable strategy among many people.

Which of the Elden Ring topics Miyazaki discussed most excites you prior to the launch of the game? Elden Ring Creator explains why there is no ring, why not play it, and says the game […]

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