Elk plunged his head into the child’s swing and removed the antlers as part of the rescue – WKRG News 5

Evergreen, Colorado KDVR ) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials saved Elk after his head was caught on a child’s swing over the weekend.

CPW said Elk was first reported near the Ever Green Golf Club.

Elk was discovered in Indian Hills on Monday, and CPW cop Scott Murdoch calmed it down and removed the swing. CPW also said that it had removed antlers from its 2.5-year-old bull for safety reasons and to prevent bull harvesting this season.

“A series of bulls Atypical antler. This most often occurs when the stem or base on which the antlers grow is damaged at an early age. .. If the bull’s stalk is damaged, the animal may have atypical antlers each year, “says CPW.

NS Antlers have been safely removed And the elk is now free to eat and drink without shaking his face. Intertwined wildlife:



Garden cage


Plastic fence

Lawn chair


Soccer net Christmas light Useful tips: Place lights and other decorations at least 6 feet or attach them securely to trees and buildings Lights that hang low or are not tightly covered over vegetation can easily get entangled in the antlers. Immediately report wildlife entanglements and do not try to intervene in yourself

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