‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 is your winter travel escape, from St-Tropez to Versailles

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(CNN)Virtual travel might be the safest way to travel at the moment.

But, thanks to streaming services, we can still head off to distant lands.

Case in point: "Emily in Paris" season two has the American visiting the Palace of Versailles, St-Tropez and other très chic locations in the South of France.

Even if you’re just wanderlusting for a break from family, there is plenty of content that feels merry and bright. Three things to watch

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 (From left) Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau, Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, and Camille Razat as Camille are shown in "Emily in Paris." The second season of the Netflix series has Lily Collins returning as the stylish American marketing executive, still living it up in Paris and dealing with the fallout of a decision from last season.

Has our girl officially become French? Because the way her love life is rolling is very much giving joie de vivre. Keanu Reeves as Neo (right) and Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity (left) are back in "The Matrix Resurrections." The pair barely look much older in the fourth film in the Matrix franchise than they did in the 1999 original.

Both are still doing the most when it comes to the action-packed scenes, too.

So far, the reviews are mixed ( our own Brian Lowry didn’t love it ), but if you are into it, the movie is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. (CNN and HBO are both part of WarnerMedia.)

‘Being the Ricardos’ Nicole Kidman stars as Lucille Ball in "Being the Ricardos." Life behind the scenes for Lucille Ball (played by Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) is the subject of this biopic, set during a time the couple was battling a political smear and taking on cultural taboos.

Kidman has said she almost passed up the role after backlash over her casting , but thanks to the support of the film’s writer and director Aaron Sorkin, she dived (red) head first into the portrayal of the complex personal and professional relationship of the couple who would make "I Love Lucy" an iconic sitcom.

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