FAA sent only 37 unruly passenger cases to DOJ-Silicon Valley

Pete Muntian CNN

The Federal Aviation Administration, unable to prosecute violent airline passengers, sent only 37 people Complaints of more than 5,000 passengers Submitted to the Department of Justice this year, a significant challenge was highlighted when it came to enforcing stricter rules in an increasingly unmanageable sky.

The FAA said it had sent the “most vicious case” to the Department of Justice. In a rare joint statement first issued to CNN, the two agencies “worked closely to ensure that unruly airline passengers face criminal charges for good reason. I have. “

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Announcements from several agencies have come after months of pressure from airline unions to force the federal government to intensify violence on commercial aviation. Flight crews have reported 5,033 such cases so far this year, and the FAA has launched enforcement proceedings in 227 proceedings.

“If the evidence supports a criminal review, the FAA will refer the case to the FBI,” the joint statement said.

The FAA also announced a new public service announcement on Thursday, introducing the case to the Department of Justice and highlighting the FAA’s letter outlining the fines actually issued. “You don’t want this letter,” the ad says, hoping to stop bad behavior.

However, unions often emphasize that passengers are free to walk. The FAA has no authority to prosecute criminal cases and only imposes fines of up to $ 37,000.

“I think we’re on track, but there’s definitely something to do,” FAA administrator Steve Dixon said in a hearing at the Senate Trade, Science and Transportation Commission Wednesday. .. “It really requires the cooperation of all private sector stakeholders, including airports, and various aspects of the federal government.”

President Joe Biden said in early October that he had instructed the Justice Department to deal with the heightened air violence. Passengers resisting mask requirements Threaten airline staff.

“I instructed the Department of Justice to deal with the violence against aircraft coming from people in question.” Biden said at the event on October 7th Outside Chicago. “We will deal with it.”

on Monday, Federal Investigator Indicts Brian Sue In Irvine, California, he assaulted and interfered with the crew, claiming he had hit an American Airlines flight attendant in the face. Prosecution can result in 20 years’ imprisonment.

The flight attendant was trying to prevent Sue from arriving in the bathroom while the seatbelt sign was lit, according to a court document detailing the October 27 case. Sue, who said she had undergone brain surgery and was returning home, told investigators that she was acting in self-defense. Correction: Earlier versions of this story misrepresented which agency released public service ads that warned of the consequences of bad behavior. It was FAA. The-CNN-Wire ™ & © 2021 Cable News Network, Inc., Warner Media Company. all rights reserved. FAA sent only 37 unruly passenger cases to DOJ-Silicon Valley

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