Famously haunted town in England begs ghost hunters to stop littering

Even ghosts don’t like littering.

A town famous for being supposedly one of the most haunted town is having a problem with its visitors. The issue isn’t with the spirits, however. It’s the still-living guests that are causing issues . Pluckley in Kent, England, was once named the most haunted village in England. (SWNS) Pluckley in Kent, England, was once named the most haunted village in England. This has made the picturesque town a tourist attraction for people looking to have a supernatural encounter.

Ghost hunting campers staying in nearby Dering Wood have been making a mess, Southwest News Service reports.

The littering got so bad, local officials were forced to close the car park earlier this summer.


"We could not manage our woods without the support of wonderful members and supporters, and it’s unfortunate that at Dering Wood we have additional costs to clear rubbish and repair vandalism," Jenny Scholfield, regional director for south-east England at the Woodland Trust said. "We apologize for the continued closure of the car park over the summer. This is not a long-term solution, and we are aware of continuing anti-social and damaging night-time activity, with cars parking along dark rural lanes. We are working with the police and Smarden Parish Council to find a sustainable solution."

The closure is reportedly only a temporary fix and reports of visitors have persisted.

Kat Hoyle, Smarden Parish Council clerk, said, "Reports of camping, fires, ghost tours, and even raves have plagued the local community throughout the year, but increases around Halloween. Visitors to the area seem to have no regard for the woodland, leaving litter, discarding camping equipment, and have resulted in the Woodland Trust needing to close the car park to stop visitors accessing the wood."

The area is reportedly haunted by up to 12 spirits, including the infamous Red Lady who has been spotted in the yard of St. Nicholas, a local church.

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