From cottagecore to coastal: the design trends that can make the most money on Airbnb

Staycations saved many of us from another summer at home, according to The Sykes Staycation Index , as almost four in five Brits planned holidays on home soil in 2021. Second homeowners benefitted from the increased demand for self-catering properties that provided safer social distancing, and it’s perhaps unsurprising that the trend is set to continue into 2022.

According to the index, half of the most popular staycation destinations are by the seaside , while the other half are popular walking spots . Aside from the importance of location, Crafted Beds conducted a study to determine how interior design trends affect the rental value of self-catering properties listed on Airbnb .

The research revealed that cottagecore was most likely to increase the value of a property, earning on average £104.95 per night, closely followed by coastal, at £101.44 per night, and Art Deco at £98.20 per night.

The average cost of Airbnb properties according to interior trends:

> Cottagecore, £104.95 per night

Coastal, £101.44 per night

Art Deco, £98.20 per night

Vintage, £96.14 per night

Minimalist, £93.70 per night

Modern, £91 per night

Earthy, £89.33 per night

Maximalist, £85.90 per night

Industrial, £83.75 per night Country, £82 per night One of the biggest trends of 2020, cottagecore is whimsical and nostalgic, with idyllic country-inspired, and eco-friendly elements. Botanical prints , a soft palette of neutral and pastel colours, and plenty of foraged flowers and plants are the cottagecore essentials. Still clearly holding an appeal for holidaymakers, an immersive break in a cottagecore home offers welcome respite from our lockdown bubble, for an average of £104.95 per night. Coastal towns such as Whitby and Weymouth make up half of the most popular staycation destinations in the UK according to the index, and a coastal-inspired interior pays dividends. By their very nature, holiday homes are enjoyed in short doses, and so strong themes are better tolerated. Coastal homes can go all out with ocean motifs, sunny seaside blues, and playful objects, such as this Anthropologie shell bowl . According to Crafted Beds’ research, Art Deco is the third most valuable interior trend for Airbnb listings. Full of bold, geometric patterns, luxurious materials such as velvet and brass, and fun detailing like fringing and tassels, Art Deco adds a touch of luxury to a listing. The quintessential Art Deco piece is the drinks trolley, (our House Beautiful Dolly Trolley at Homebase is an Art Deco dream,) and so it is no surprise that it’s much enjoyed by holidaymakers.

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