God of War PC Mod allows you to fine-tune your FOV via Cheat Engine

The first God of War PC mod has already been released in just a few hours Game debut on the platform .. Not surprisingly, this is intended to fine-tune the default field of view (FOV), which is very narrow by design.

Reddit user King Krouchy found a way Avoid it with popular ones Cheat engine software .. He warned that there would be some problems with the cutscenes due to the game’s one-shot camera.

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According to Reddit user millennial homelaber, here’s how to get this FOV God of War PC mod to work: Download King Krouchy’s cheat engine table here

Activate the invalidation line

Activate the camera FOV and backup pointer and pointer result box

Change the FOV value to the desired value

Select both pointer scan result rows, edit both values ​​at the same time and change the FOV there

This user also shared a comparison of the appearance of the game with the default value and the FOV set to 110. This should certainly improve situational awareness during busy combat. On the other hand, it may slightly reduce the immersive elements during non-combat gameplay.

If you’re worried that this God of War PC mod will interfere with your cutscenes, Reddit user Harley Quinn_RS has posted a quick guide on how to make it switchable. [FOVアドレスへの書き込みを無効にする]Right click[ホットキーの設定/変更]Choose

Create hotkeys and assign key or button combinations

Do the same for “Camera FOV” with the same binding

Next, create a second hotkey for “Camera FOV”, but select “Set value” instead of “Target freeze”. Enter the desired FoV value below and use the same binding as the other values Make sure both scripts are disabled, then press the hotkey button to activate both.Press it again to disable it More God of War PC mods may appear in the future, and we’ll definitely cover the most interesting ones.In the meantime, get the latest NVIDIA also AMD Driver if you haven’t done so yet. God of War PC Mod allows you to fine-tune your FOV via Cheat Engine

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