Google hits the face by stopping the pixel slate

If so, imagine a runner who has entered the marathon for five miles. At this stage, they barely started and covered only 20% of the total distance. Now imagine the person stopping in the middle of a stride and hitting his face over and over again until he loses consciousness.

That runner, my friend, Google.

To sprinkle some context on the story of self-punishment: Google has abolished its flagship tablet, the Pixel Slate. 9to5 Google noticed Tablet- Released in 2018 – was No longer listed on the company website .. Pixel slate is dead.

It’s not surprising that Google is discontinuing its products and services. That is, it has its own website. To keep track of everything the company closed prematurely ..

But the Pixel Slate is a huge loss for both Google and the general public. Rest well, sweet pixel slate — we knew little about you. A short disclaimer before proceeding. I’ve contacted Google for comments and details, but instead of preparing for the next model, I’m working on the assumption that the company has completely moved away from selling tablets.Not just have it Semi-announced this , The decision is also backed by logic. Why does Google remove all traces of hardware from its site when it plans to launch something else? In other words, the desire of Google tablets is dead. But why are you a sad child about pixel slate?

Simply put, that’s because Google had the potential to create great, competitive, and affordable machines. For the past year I banged the tablet again — It’s because of the time I spent using the iPad Pro. Short stories, I now obtain Purpose of the tablet .. I understand their value. And in addition to that, we recognize the importance of competition. On the iPad For a long time it was the dominant tablet in the world It’s rarely really rewarding. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Tab When Amazon Fire HD Is a popular and solid device, but when it comes to quality, ease of use, and interoperability, it’s unmatched by Apple. But I believe Google can do it. Take the Pixel smartphone as an example.I wrote before that The company found a sweet spot on budget-focused “a” series phones .. They thrive by avoiding the idea of ​​competing as a premium brand and instead using the cleanest version of Android and creating affordable devices that work seamlessly as part of the entire Google ecosystem. increase. In fact, like the Pixel 5, the company seems to be adopting it. Removed some features that the previous model had, Not only lowering the price. And what do you know? It was one of the best phones of 2020 .. Delicious Pixel 5. This is the approach that Google wanted to adopt with Pixel Slate. The original tablet wasn’t perfect — in fact, it’s far from that. It was a gorgeous machine, It was overpriced compared to competitors And it wasn’t entirely clear who it was aimed at. But these are easy problems to solve […]

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