Great gift idea: This cool flying orb offers screen-free fun for kids, and it’s on sale for $20 at Amazon

We may receive commission from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. The Tomzon A32 flies when you flick it, and looks even cooler in dim light thanks to its rings of LEDs. (Photo: Tomzon) Do you have kids? How about grandkids? Maybe you feel like a kid at heart? Whatever the case, consider indulging your youngster with a flying toy. I just found one that’s pretty cool — and, for a limited time, very reasonably priced.

It’s the Tomzon A32 flying ball for $20 when you clip the on-page $3-off coupon and then apply promo code MDS50OFF at checkout. Regular price: $40.

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The A32 is like a mishmash of ball and drone . Turn it on, then give a flick of the wrist to start the propellers. Now you give it a gentle toss, either to another person or up at an angle to try for a boomerang.

This takes a little practice, as there’s really nothing to guide the ball except inertia, but that’s actually part of the fun. Because it’s entirely enclosed, it’s safe to hold, safe to bounce off walls and so on.

Meanwhile, rings of colorful LEDs make this especially fun when the lights are low. Tomzon even supplies stickers so kids can add extra decoration to the orb .

The only bummer here is runtime: The built-in battery takes about 25 minutes to fully charge and lasts for only about 10 minutes.

Still, those are 10 highly enjoyable minutes, and they’re blissfully screen-free to boot. I could see this kind of thing selling at mall kiosks for $30-$40, so $20 feels like a solid deal.

What do you think?

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