Grell TWS / 1 Customizable In-Ear Headphones

A newcomer to the true wireless headphone space you say? Sure, that may be a pretty common event these days, but this – Grel Audio – has a pretty strong legacy. Its founder, Axel Grel, is well known in the headphone industry for his extensive work at Sennheiser on some of the company’s most famous products. TWS / 1 is his first solo product under the Grell brand. So I’m curious about what you can do with a $ 200 wireless bud.

TWS / 1 has a modern look. The almost circular design is only interrupted by a small AirPod-like ridge on each bud. The original plan was to make the exterior entirely metal, but physics and radio waves required some concessions (plastic parts). Overall, they maintain a higher premium feel than is often found in this price range. It’s a bit visually reminiscent of the Jabra Elite 75t, but a little less noticeable.

When it comes to fit, a slightly streamlined design means that something doesn’t feel balanced in your ears. This can happen with rounder models. As always, it comes with a charging case that promises 4 full charges of TWS / 1. The bud itself takes about 6 hours on a single charge. This also applies to my experience of activating ANC. Curiously, the buds are placed in the case with the right bud on the left and vice versa. I don’t know why this happens, but it’s important to remember (it’s easy to remember because the buds don’t fit in the opposite direction).

It’s hard for me to stand out in the product world. The simplest differentiators are price, then sound quality, and / or additional / premium features. Grell Audio seems to be working on all three and I think it has been a general success.

The price puts TWS / 1 in a rare category. Many premium brands have landed in the $ 250 and above zones, but there are more affordable options, such as Google’s second-generation Pixel Buds and Jabra’s $ 150 area live mentioned above. Budget options over $ 100 are becoming more and more common. This will then pitch TWS / 1 with a high mid premium and low premium overlap. I think this is completely intentional as the feature set and build quality distort the high end, but the minimalist packaging and more affordable prices represent a more mainstream audience. James Trew / Engadget When it comes to sound quality, it’s a little clearer here. In my tests, I was generally happy with the default sound. It was a bit thin side, probably for my personal taste, and had a slight weight at the bottom for a typical commercial sound. However, Grell is affiliated with SoundID. This is a third-party app that adjusts the headphones of the brand of your choice to your personal taste and hearing.

We’ve seen this before, especially at Nura, which takes it to a whole new level. SoundID is a bit more modest in that approach. I’m still using […]

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