Harvest the moon to reach autumn.This is the best night to see

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to correct subsequent day and night lengths. Autumn equinox .. It also clarifies the annual timing of Harvest Moon.

San Francisco ( Kron ) — The harvest month shines at the peak of Monday night.

The harvest month is the full moon, which is closest to the autumn equinox on September 22, and officially marks the beginning of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere.

according to Farmers Almanac The moonlight of the harvest month brightens in the evening when the crew is harvesting summer crops. According to Farmers’ Almanac, the harvest month can occur in September or October.

According to Farmers’ Almanac, “The section of the zodiac where the full moon moves in early autumn is the section that forms the shallowest angle with the eastern horizon.”

“Since the orbit of the moon at night is almost parallel to the horizon at that time, the relationship with the eastern horizon does not change much, and the earth does not have to rotate far to grow the moon,” he says. increase.

according to NASA , Harvest Moon will be full moon for about 3 days this year, with peak lighting around 7:55 pm on Monday night. It lasts until Wednesday morning.

NS Equinox Occurs when the sun is directly above the equator. At this time, the sun’s rays move from north to south. During the vernal equinox, they move from south to north. During the autumn equinox, the hours of sunshine in the northern and southern hemispheres are about the same.

After the autumn equinox, the days are shorter and the nights are longer.This ends with The solstice of December , It brings longer days and shorter nights. Harvest the moon to reach autumn.This is the best night to see

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