HelloFresh Releases Food Trends & Innovation Report Identifying How At-Home Cooking and Eating Habits Are Evolving

● Home cooking has significantly risen (41%) in the past decade

● A local, sustainable approach to choosing new ingredients is a focus for consumers in 2022

● Adults across sixteen countries aim to eat more vegetables and reduce food waste over the next ten years

NEW YORK, November 04, 2021 –( BUSINESS WIRE )–In honor of HelloFresh’s 10 year anniversary, HelloFresh , the world’s leading meal kit company, released today a Food Trends & Innovation Report to uncover how food selection, cooking habits, and eating preferences have changed over the last decade, and how consumers anticipate their habits will continue to evolve. This global report surveyed 11,500 respondents across 16 countries.

HelloFresh launched in November 2011 with a mission to change the way people eat forever. Taking a look at how home cooking has shifted since then, the HelloFresh Food Trends & Innovation Report has revealed that 41% of global respondents generally cook more now, with 37% of respondents having increased the amount of fresh ingredients they use in their kitchen.

Notable global findings include:

● Increased Food Knowledge: Over a third (35%) of those polled noted that they are more interested in the origin of the food they eat today, and nearly a quarter of respondents will focus on eating more nutritiously by 2032.

● Shop Local & Sustainable: Globally, adults are trying to shop more sustainably (31%) and locally (30%) now compared to ten years ago, with 22% planning a reduction in food waste in their home and 23% aiming to eat more vegetables over the next decade.

● Broadening Palates: 37% of survey respondents noted that they eat a wider variety of food than they did in 2011.

● Shifting Approach Towards Food : 70% stated that not only has their approach to food changed over the past ten years but that they expect their habits to continue changing across the coming decade.

● Gathering Around the Table: Connecting over meals is set to keep increasing with 29% of people looking to spend more time eating as a household while 26% view mealtime with others in 2022 as a more important social occasion than before.

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