Here are the first apps to install on your new gaming laptop

You just got a new gaming laptop, and now you need the software to make it sing. One of the biggest perks of PC gaming is that you can install software to make your life easier, from tools that automate mundane tasks to programs that free up system resources to focus on the game you’re playing.

I’ve moved machines and reinstalled Windows too many times to count. Here are the apps I always install first on a new gaming laptop . Ninite (Chrome, Steam, Discord)

I won’t bore you with the basics. You need Steam and Discord on your gaming laptop, at least, as well as a browser if you don’t want to use Microsoft Edge. Ninite puts all of the basics in one spot. Check the boxes next to the programs you want, and Ninite will create a custom installer with all of your selections.

You probably already know what you need here. Grab your gaming software, maybe mix in Spotify if you have a subscription, and you should be good. If you want to experiment with other software, here are some good options to add to your installer: WinDirStat: Your hard drive may be clean now, but it’ll probably be stuffed full within a few months. WinDirStat offers a visual overview of your hard drive. It makes it easy to spot folders hogging space and allows you to drill down on areas where you can free up storage.

Revo: The Windows Control Panel sucks. Use Revo instead. The app makes it easier to uninstall programs by giving you a single window with all of your apps, and it allows you to uninstall a program simply by right-clicking it. Revo also cleans up leftovers after the uninstall, which Windows doesn’t offer.

Everything: Steam is the main PC gaming platform, but you’ll likely have games from various storefronts installed on your PC. Everything is basically a search engine for your PC. It allows you to search for any file or folder — and it’s fast, unlike going through File Explorer.

GeForce Experience or Radeon Software

Your gaming laptop probably has one of these utilities already installed, but it never hurts to double-check. GeForce Experience and Radeon Software are essential tools for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, respectively. They have several unique features each, but they both offer the most important thing your gaming laptop needs: New graphics card drivers .

Outside of new drivers, these apps will allow you to do things like display your frame rate, take screenshots, and record sections of gameplay. GeForce Experience and Radeon Software can replace several apps on your laptop, so make sure you have the right one installed for your graphics card.

I recommend searching to see if you have one installed already. There’s a good chance you do. If not, you can find GeForce Experience on Nvidia’s website and Radeon Software on AMD’s. Game launchers and Playnite

Gone are the days where you could get all of your games through Steam . If you want […]

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