How AI Ops Simplifies the Digital Transformation Journey – PCR

Avantra’s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Wilson, explores how AI Ops simplifies the journey of digital transformation.

In response to an ongoing pandemic, some companies have chased customers to digital channels and quickly tracked the digital transformation agenda. According to a McKinsey report, digital transformation between businesses has accelerated the adoption of digital technology for several years. And while this change isn’t temporary, it has forever changed the way IT supports your business.

For example, retailers had to set up an online shopping experience and next-day fulfillment, which usually took years to plan. When the pandemic broke out, business leaders knew they needed to switch to a digital-first business almost overnight. People had a technology like Zoom for years, but they needed to quickly deploy it to a broader employee base. Otherwise, the project would take months.

With a wealth of technologies and services available, companies looking to transform into a digital enterprise need SAP to be a key operational gear and supported by technology that can meet new business requirements. I am aware of. Therefore, AI Ops has emerged as a positive element of any digital transformation strategy.

By implementing AIOps, companies can quickly deliver applications and innovations that create a great customer experience. By doing so, you can serve your customers more efficiently and grow your business. Automation within AIOps enables fast response times and ensures a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

How does AIOps enable SAP digital transformation?
SAP currently serves 94% of the world’s 500 largest companies, covering supply chain management, procurement, manufacturing, sales, service finance, and HR.

Staying at SAP, which supports business-critical processes, it has been at the core of large enterprises for years. While digital operations are important and available, the SAP infrastructure needs resilience to adapt to unprecedented amounts of change.

What makes AIOps important to support digital transformation initiatives at SAP is to help IT move from a firefighting state to a proactive role. It also enables actionable intelligence that can inform business decisions based on accurate real-time information. But how exactly does AI Ops do all this? Simply put, AI Ops helps enterprises continually monitor IT infrastructure data to anticipate incidents before problems occur while gaining more operational, security, and performance insights. increase. This is a significant change as it enables businesses to operate more efficiently and agilely than ever before.

Challenges during SAP digital transformation
The biggest challenge companies face during digital transformation is finding and retaining technicians with relevant skills.

Whether you’re already involved in SAP digital transformation or planning for future projects, it’s important to identify and mitigate failures early. AIOps supports change management throughout all phases of the SAP Digital Transformation Journey.

When changing business processes, evaluating new systems, or migrating data to new sources, effectively addressing issues is not only about achieving goals, but also worth the time of everyone. It is the key to increase. That’s where AI Ops comes in. This ensures that your team is aware of potential change-related issues before they disrupt their operations. However, before other issues occur, […]

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