Huawei may sell server business due to U.S. sanctions

After nearly two years of struggling to maintain the smartphone business as it did before the US ban, Huawei decided to sell the Honor brand. The subbrand has become part of a major Chinese company in the state. Since then, the Honor brand has reacquired rights and could gain Huawei’s previous position in the smartphone market with the release of a number of new smartphones with superior specs and Google Play services. I have. Currently, major Huawei may be considering selling its x86 server division.

according to report From Bloomberg Huawei You may be considering selling the x86 server division. The news comes directly from people who are familiar with the issue. Huawei has not confirmed this information yet. Anyway, insiders claim that the US sanctions imposed on Huawei are harmful to its server supply chain. Therefore, the company is mostly forced to sell this business unit.

Huawei may report that it will sell its server sector to a Chinese consortium of private and public sector companies. More specifically, Henan Information Industry Investment and Huaqin Communications. These two players are about to acquire Huawei’s server-side business. As Huawei launches new deals, we expect more details on this in the coming days. The company declined to comment on these reports, sources said. A similar situation occurred last year, and rumors emerged that it was preparing to sell its honorary business. Huawei refused to comment first. Huawei struggles to maintain relevance in smartphone business

According to recently Report , Huawei is also a hit in the smartphone segment in the domestic market. The brand has lost some positions in the last few months. In fact, the brand has released just a few smartphones in the last few months. For the flagship segment, we brought only the Honor P50 series. I had to boot a device with a Snapdragon 8884G and Kirin9000 4G configuration. U.S. sanctions prevented the brand from releasing 5G smartphones, losing relevance in the flagship market, which has already entered the 5G era.

Meanwhile, Honor ranked third in China’s largest smartphone maker ranking in the third quarter of 2021. The brand has recently brought Honor 50 series smartphones to Europe to conquer former Huawei fans around the world. Huawei may sell server business due to U.S. sanctions

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